As an expert and leading voice on the childfree choice,
Laura has an ever growing childfree library of writings.

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falling birth rates

Falling Birth Rates: Applaud, Not Blame a “Culture of Caution”

In The Washington Free Beacon's recent article, "American Fertility Hits Historical Low: Economist blames culture of caution” Charles Fain Lehman lays out some new data on falling birth rates in America. According to new data from the Centers for Disease...

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Charles Knowlton

The Life of Charles Knowlton: A Must Read Biography

Who is an amazing man from the 19th century too many people don’t know about? Charles Knowlton. Now more will, thanks to this excellent biography, An Infidel Body-Snatcher and the Fruits of his Philosophy: The Life of Charles Knowlton by...

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childfree trending

Looking Back: 2018 Childfree Trending

Adding to my end-of-year childfree trending pieces, it’s time to look back at childfree trends for 2018! Connecting Beyond Childfree Talk This past year, I am delighted to have seen a growing number of open and closed online discussion forums...

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My Childfree History

Since the year 2000, I have been a leading voice on the childfree choice. My book,  Families of Two received international recognition, and paved the way for me to become an expert on the childfree. Since its publication, I have continued to conduct qualitative research on this choice, which led to my book, The Baby Matrix. It examines why society finds the childfree choice hard to accept and what’s necessary to reach social and cultural acceptance. Check out my ever-growing library of childfree writings Here.
I am currently conducting a longitudinal study on childfree women, and working on the second edition of Families of Two. For this edition I am looking for people in childfree romantic partnerships from around the world. If this describes you, please contact me!

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