Giving Thanks For the Childfree Life

We talk about the challenges of being childfree a lot here, but at this time of year, let’s talk about what is great about having chosen not to have children–when it comes to the childfree life, what is on your list to be thankful for? I’ll start.

Here are just a few I’m thankful for :

~having been able to pursue a variety of fulfilling experiences in my work life, including authoring, and my mission to contribute to making  the childfree choice a totally accepted choice in society.

~the chance to travel to many countries around the world, and the ability to take chunks of time to do it.

~having been able to create a lifestyle where I get to work from wherever I am, like during my upcoming 7 week trip to Brazil, Argentina and Chile  (I’ll be blogging all the way-more on that soon).

~the chance to restore and live in a vintage riverfront cabin at the foot of Mount Hood, one of the most beautiful mountain and forest environments I have ever seen.

~the opportunity to bring back to life another one of a kind vintage cabin near the one we lived in that tragically floated down river (that’s it at about 1:00 into this video link not long before the river took it out) over 10 years later.  I love bringing back the truth of places, and have done it with other older homes, too.

~the chance to take risks to blaze new trails, seize new learning opportunities, and paths to personal and professional growth.

If I had had children, my life would have not included these things, or at least not to the degree they’ve been part of my life, to be sure. My hubbie and I have imagined what would have happened if we would have had children. We would probably still live in the house we would have bought in the northern bay area early in our marriage, and still worked together in a management consulting business, as we also did early in our marriage.  It was a way to make a living, but sure not where our life passions were.  Without children, we have been able to pursue those passions, and our lives have been much more full as a result.


Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

16 thoughts on “Giving Thanks For the Childfree Life

  1. My early retirement 3 years ago at age 45. This has enabled me to more easily pursue my volunteer work and hobbies including working with kids in the School Scrabble program.

  2. Very cool. Love your photo you included in here. I’d have to give thanks for my freedom to do what I want and have the money to pursue whims. Like our latest…next week we head to Istanbul. Planned it literally in 2 weeks. Harder to do that with kids. And I’m grateful I don’t have added stress added to my relationship. I’m free to love my hub and give him m undivided attention. (for the most part. Of course there are other distractions, but not like what I see my friends with kids, especially teenagers, enduring.) Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, Laura, and also a GREAT trip to South America!

  3. The spontaneity of going out whenever we want, taking a trip away and lying in on the weekends – and drinking and dancing on our back deck at midnight. Ha ha – no one to judge us for that. Have a great trip Laura and take plenty of photos.

  4. You’re living the life I eventually want for my long-term boyfriend and myself. We’re not planning on having kids — we’re too busy taking good care of each other!

  5. I too am thankful for choosing to be childfree. It gives me and my husband of 15 years the opportunity to travel on our motorcycles and spend more time on us.

    I am thankful for our quiet evenings and sleeping in on the weekends. Well…. the darn cat does wake us up early sometimes.

    Have fun on your adventure. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures.

  6. sounds like you’re straining just a little too hard to justify your decision. Why list all the reasons not to have kids? Do you need to reassure yourself? Why wouldn’t you move, take risks or go traveling with kids? After I had kids I became more motivated, focused and adventurous than I ever was before. Jus sayin.

    1. Mmmm…Sounds like you have judgements about my decision…You are incorrect; no justification or reassurance necessary, now or ever, really. At a time where many people give thanks in their lives, this post is purely out of intent to express just some of the reasons I give thanks for an important choice I made, and how I see it has impacted my life in many positive ways. It is hard to say what I would have done or not done if I had had kids–who knows if I would have traveled with them; the odds sure are I would have not taken professional risks as providing for my children would have been my first priority, and I would have likely resented that. What I have known is that parenthood is not something I want or need to experience in my life. It is great that you are happy you had kids and seem positive about the fact that you are now more motivated, focused and adventurous. Please accept that many others are not like you –they do not believe that more positive things would come if they added parenthood to their lives.

  7. I gave thanks for being CF this year,too. In fact, I give thanks EVERY day! I consider it a huge blessing that I was born feeling this way (yes, you read correctly. I knew I was CF as long as I can remember).

    It is a great, great thing to have a life filled with learning, exploring, and….. QUIET.

    I also find it amusing (and sad) that one of the above posters is clearly unhappy to be a parent, so they have to slam the childfree. Looks like this will never stop.

    Anyway. I loved your book and I am happy to click through your site!

  8. I am happy (and thankful) that I didn’t put another consumer in the world. I am thankful that I don’t have to buy thing in order to make my child feel like everybody else at school. I’m thankful that I don’t have to join horrible birthday parties with 30 screaming kids, eating junk food, drinking soda and littering the house and the garden. I’m thankful I don’t have to invent stupid stories in order to make my kid eat, I’m thankful that I don’t have to buy food produced by big corporations and buy him/her expensive sneakers, or buy tham hello kitty stuff or barbie stuff or food with a Disney logo. In fact, I feel blessed just to write this. I know I’m blessed and you know what? I’m doing everyone else on this planet one big favour too!!!!

  9. I am thankful to have found this site, and many many more sites that support me in my decision to be childfree. Just like parents need networks that understand their trials and tribulations, we need to know we are not alone too. It’s inspiring to hear people talk ‘openly’ about why being CF is great. Here’s thanks to all CF people!

  10. I’m thankful for the energy I have to put into the charities that I believe in. I’m thankful for the money that I have to donate. Thankful for the love inside that I have to give to homeless cats and dogs.

  11. I am so thankful for the hope I can still have– to travel, to have job flexibility, to move around the country, to focus on my husband, and to enjoy my niece but GIVE HER BACK when I’m done spending time with her! Thank you for working to make this lifestyle choice viewed as a viable, responsible, joyful option.

    1. Thanks for being part of the conversation~I have 5 god kids ages 11-27, and also enjoy them all, and the ones that are grown, enjoyed them as kids as the wacky auntie ; )

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