The Baby Matrix by Laura Carroll

“My most heartfelt congratulations for the book, I loved every single page of it… it’s quite scary how pronatalism affects our lives, how many people are still trapped in this baby matrix, and how its consequences are overlooked.”

“An eye-opener is an understatement!”

The Baby Matrix questions humanity-old practices and beliefs, allowing readers to get a real sense of reproductive responsibilities versus want..”

.”..well-researched and compelling book that makes readers reflect on what they have been brought up to believe – no matter whether they are single, married, or with/without children.”

“Amazing book. Changed my life!”

“Laura Carroll did a great job defining pronatalism and why it is so ingrained within our society. Her book reshapes the myths and offers a new way of looking at parenthood and reproduction.”

“While challenging the assumptions of pronatalism that most people just take for granted as part of our society, this book offers valid and logical alternatives to the pronatalist mindset.”

It “by no means condemns parenthood, and in many ways offers us valuable insight on both choices, be it becoming a parent or remaining/making the choice not to become a parent.”

“She lays out a clear road map for those in childbearing years to think through their decision to be or not to be a parent…”

“I recommend this book for high school students, the childfree and parents alike.”

“This book should be required reading for everyone thinking about having kids.”

“What a thought–provoking writing! It was hard to stop reading.”

“This book will challenge some beliefs about the life script.”

And great reviews of The Baby Matrix continue to come in like this one!


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