The Film, To Kid Or Not To Kid, reaches all of Canada!

To Kid Or Not To Kid

What a great weekend in Toronto, Canada!

Last Thursday night I was on Q&A panel after the VIP screening of Maxine Trump’s film, To Kid Or Not To Kid at the U of Toronto, then Saturday night the gang of Maxine/husband Josh Granger, Chelsey Wren, who runs the largest childfree community on Facebook, Childfree is Not a Dirty Word, and childfree environmentalist/educator, Nandita Bajaj/husband Mike Farley (who both made the VIP screening happen!) watched the film together on CBC‘s The Passionate Eye, which reached the entire country of Canada! So memorable.

Here are a few shots:

Promo for To Kid or Not To Kid

If you missed the film last night on CBC News it's back on tonight at 10pm Canada. Thank you for filming Childfree is Not a Dirty Word and for the cheers from my lovely hosts of our screening party.

Julkaissut To Kid or Not To Kid. The movie Sunnuntaina 1. joulukuuta 2019
It’s about to begin on CBC’s The Passionate Eye!

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