Tip of the Hat to Great Childfree Women in History

Seeing how it is Women’s History month, let’s give a nod to some awesome childfree women of history.

Starting with the subject of Molley Peacock’s most recent biography of artist Mary Delaney, others include:

Amelia Earhart, Annie Sullivan , Karen Blixen

Ann Bancroft (polar explorer, not the actress)

Queen Elizabeth I

Simone de Beauvoir

Helen Keller

Marilyn Monroe

Alice Paul 

Virginia Wolf

Frida Kahlo

Florence Nightengale

Susan B. Anthony

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell 

Ella Fitzgerald

Julia Childe

Ayn Rand

Katherine Hepburn

Georgia O’Keefe

Jane Austen

What other childfree women of history can you think of?

Who are childfree women alive today you think will one day be on this list?

11 thoughts on “Tip of the Hat to Great Childfree Women in History

  1. Betty White! Besides her numerous talents and the joy she has brought to people, she is also an animal lover and an advocate for their well-being. Pretty amazing childfree lady.

  2. We should include Debbie Gibson, the late-1980s teen pop star and, later, Broadway actress whose career continues to thrive in large part because she has been childfree. She turned 40 about 6 months ago and still looks fantastic!

  3. I would add the beautiful and intelligent silent film icon Louise Brooks. She jokingly referred to herself as ‘Barren Brooks’.

    1. Mirren is definitely on my list of who should be on the CF Women in History! She has been outspoken about not wanting to include the role of motherhood in her life, which is more than we can say about other cf celebs…and of course, What a Talent! Thanks~

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