On RBG, and a Final Frontier for Equal Treatment

The new documentary on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG, is a must-see.  As The Economist piece, “How Ruth Bader Ginsburg became a trailblazer for gender equality” summarizes, this film gives us a real feel for how “Ms. Ginsburg built America’s gender equality standards brick by brick,” and “the quieter parts of this remarkable justice’s life.” Continue reading “On RBG, and a Final Frontier for Equal Treatment”

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Moving Toward a True Childfree Movement

If you follow childfree news, you probably know that not only did filmmakers Maxine Trump and Therese Shechter hit their Kickstarter goals to finish their films about the childfree choice, they surpassed them with Stretch goals.  This is exciting news in a number of respects.  The biggest? I say it’s a sign of a swell toward a true childfree movement. Continue reading “Moving Toward a True Childfree Movement”

Inequitable Work-Life Policies in the Workplace

There is a lot of talk these days about “work-family balance.” Promoting more parental leave, flex-time and telecommuting policies for working mothers and fathers does help support working parents’ ability to care for their new babies and children. However, there is a big problem with Continue reading “Inequitable Work-Life Policies in the Workplace”

New National Science Foundation Rules Include the Childfree?

First Lady Michelle Obama recently spoke to the new rules put out by the National Science Foundation that are designed to make it easier for scientists – “especially women – to balance work and family.”

Continue reading “New National Science Foundation Rules Include the Childfree?”

Bennies & Inequities of Paid Family Leave

A recent editorial by Jeremy Adam Smith, author of the Daddy Shift makes a great case for how paid family leave is not only good for business, but is “good for guys and their marriages.” A new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research indicates that… Continue reading “Bennies & Inequities of Paid Family Leave”

The Different Faces of Sexism at Work

According to latest U.S. Census data, working women who are under thirty and childless are out-earning their male counterparts. Keli Goff, in her Huffpo piece, “Has Mommy-ism Replaced Sexism (And Is That a Bad Thing?)”  thinks that this seems to indicate that… Continue reading “The Different Faces of Sexism at Work”

Women: Damned if we do Damned if we Don’t in the Workplace

Check  out this research. It is not the first I have read about how childfree can be discriminated in the workplace.  Madelyn Cain deals with it in her book the Childless Revolution, and here some more recent research by UK researcher Dr. Caroline Gatrell. She spent six years researching women in the workplace, and explains in the article , “Childless Women vilified by boss’: Why NOT having a family could ruin your career” that “Women who explicitly choose career over kids are often vilified at work and face enormously unjust treatment.” Childfree women have told me that … Continue reading “Women: Damned if we do Damned if we Don’t in the Workplace”