Newsflash-Today is the 7 Billion Milestone Day

Today is the day the U.N. has deemed the 7 billion milestone day; so far different population sites have differing by-the-second numbers-close to or already over 7 billion.  Population Action is tracking and also can show you what number of the 7 billion you are.

World Population Balance is tracking too and says that net increase is 142 people per minute. Wow. What ever exact moment we hit 7 billion, to me it’s not a moment to celebrate, but to think seriously about how even if you have done one of the best things to help population and carbon emission issues by not having kids, what are ways to help the overpopulation and resource depletion problems our world faces…to chew more on this soon. Until then, what are your thoughts? Currently tallying the October On-the-Ground responses; will report back tomorrow!

Demographic Issues in China

chinese-popThere are some interesting trends going on in China. For a country that has had the one child per couple law for about 30 years now, it may be moving toward a time when they don’t need this kind of law anymore. LA Times journalist David Pierson explains… Continue reading “Demographic Issues in China”

Realities of Environmental Reasons Not to Have Children

Lisa Hymas’ piece on hits the nail on the head: When it comes to the “impact of humanity on the environment,” it’s not the people in poor or developing countries who have “more kids than they can feed,” or even immigrants who come here with big families, it’s white, middle class (and higher) Americans we need to focus on. The problem: Continue reading “Realities of Environmental Reasons Not to Have Children”

Realities of the Childfree Cultural Shift in the EU

The world population is expected to reach 7 billion later this year.  While lots of experts disagree about whether we have surpassed the point of being able to sustain the ever growing population, there are others who are more concerned about population decrease. How can that be?  Check out the analysis by Harvard professor Robert Barro and others. He predicts a “grim future”  for much of continental Europe because … Continue reading “Realities of the Childfree Cultural Shift in the EU”

Another Take on Solving the Population Problem

There’s a new documentary out about the population problem: Mother: Caring for 7 Billion.  It lays out a provocative theory about this problem and how to solve it.

Continue reading “Another Take on Solving the Population Problem”

The StopAtTwo Solution to the Population Problem

My interest in world population issues recently led me to John Taves. He runs Pacific Northwest Software and, but he’s also consumed with solving the world’s population problem. He is an example of the famous Margaret Mead quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Continue reading “The StopAtTwo Solution to the Population Problem”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

On the Psychology of Desire for Kids – and Not

There’s been some ink out there of late on how not having kids is the greenest thing a person can do to help the planet. Less do we read how those who really want to do the green thing deal with also really wanting kids.  Writer and ecological advocate Shannon Hayes talks about her road to stopping at two kids, and her story illustrates two key points about how and why we decide to have kids or not. Continue reading “On the Psychology of Desire for Kids – and Not”

Chewing on Sustainable Population Issues

Seeing the recent article in TIME on debunking the myths of only children, I thought of Bill McKibben who told us all about this and more over ten years ago in his book Maybe One. He talks about how single kid families can work and are necessary to help ensure we not exceed “planet capacity,” or the population that the earth can support.

This idea takes me to the issue of overpopulation. Some experts believe it’s driving many environmental issues and global warming. But other experts don’t agree.  There’s a range of expert positions. Let’s start with a most interesting one. Check out this video of Hans Rosling, Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Definitely worth the watch–

Continue reading “Chewing on Sustainable Population Issues”

Reasons and Real Reasons for Becoming Parents

On the other side of  the Italian catholic church and government thinking their declining population is a crisis, are the members of a group that think a declining population is just what we fact, they think the best thing for humans to do is to stop reproducing all together right now to allow the earth’s biosphere to return to good health.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT) might have radical ideas,

Continue reading “Reasons and Real Reasons for Becoming Parents”

The Real Sex & the City Celebrities–Kids or No Kids?

Lisa Hymas of did a post on how Sex and the City is the greenest movie of the year  because the lead character Carrie, even though she does not realize it, exemplifies a greenish lifestyle — she has no car, does not travel much, and most importantly she is childfree. Continue reading “The Real Sex & the City Celebrities–Kids or No Kids?”