Man Swarm

Announcing the Release of my Latest Book! Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World

When I was researching The Baby Matrix, I interviewed David Paxson, President of World Population Balance. We talked about how we thought the book, Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife, was a great book on overpopulation. Originally written largely for conservationists, David and I really wanted to see the book reach a wider audience. We approached Dave Foreman about developing a 2nd edition to do just that. Today marks the fruit of our efforts! Continue reading “Announcing the Release of my Latest Book! Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World”

Laura Carroll, The Baby Matrix

Overpopulation: Check out this Excellent Documentary in the Making

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for the upcoming documentary by Anchored Minds Productions: Sense & Sustainability. Written and directed by Michael and Amanda Connolly, this is going to be one great film about overpopulation. Here is the synopsis: Continue reading “Overpopulation: Check out this Excellent Documentary in the Making”

Talking Overpopulation: Signs of Coming Out of Taboo Territory?

Today the San Francisco Chronicle has the biggest feature article on population growth I have ever seen it do. The article is titled, “As the World Grow, So Do Climate Dangers.”  In watching new nonfiction releases, I have also been noticing an excellent trend… Continue reading “Talking Overpopulation: Signs of Coming Out of Taboo Territory?”

Pronatalism’s Role in Reaching a Global Environmental Tipping Point

Last post I talked about the pronatal “Right to Reproduce” Assumption in The Baby Matrix.  Results of a two year scientific analysis that has just come out leads right to another pronatal Assumption I take  on – I call it the “Offspring” Assumption. First a bit on the sobering analysis:

Continue reading “Pronatalism’s Role in Reaching a Global Environmental Tipping Point”

The Duggars at 20!

I know this blog steers clear of rant, but when I saw headlines applauding Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s announcement that they are pregnant with #20, I did want to pound some keys here and rant. I have calmed down, and land with these thoughts… Continue reading “The Duggars at 20!”

Online Buzz and Musings On 7 Billion

Well, I can now say I am no longer a “protest virgin.” Last Sunday I was one of the 12,000 people who came from all over the United States and Canada to circle the White House in protest the Keystone XL pipeline.  But that is another story…

While there I saw in the Wall Street Journal some stats on what people think about us reaching the 7 billion person mark. Check it out: Continue reading “Online Buzz and Musings On 7 Billion”

Newsflash-Today is the 7 Billion Milestone Day

Today is the day the U.N. has deemed the 7 billion milestone day; so far different population sites have differing by-the-second numbers-close to or already over 7 billion.  Population Action is tracking and also can show you what number of the 7 billion you are.

World Population Balance is tracking too and says that net increase is 142 people per minute. Wow. What ever exact moment we hit 7 billion, to me it’s not a moment to celebrate, but to think seriously about how even if you have done one of the best things to help population and carbon emission issues by not having kids, what are ways to help the overpopulation and resource depletion problems our world faces…to chew more on this soon. Until then, what are your thoughts? Currently tallying the October On-the-Ground responses; will report back tomorrow!