Stories of Sterilization

Check out this great piece originally posted on the ezine, Unscripted-The Childfree Life, by author Muon. As some of you know, I have taken the domain, and would like to resurrect Unscripted in the future. For now, guess where one of the best places to get sterilized is — Continue reading “Stories of Sterilization”

An Alternative to a Tubal: Essure

Have your heard of the sterilization procedure called Essure? It has been available for about five years now, but the word is still getting around.

Essure is a much easier sterilization procedure than a tubal ligation. Check out how it works

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reproductive injustice

Early Deciders Being Denied Tubal Ligation and Vasectomy

I have received some interesting responses to the current On-the-Ground question: At what age did you decide not to have children?   A good deal of respondents indicated they were 20 or younger when they decided, and some shared how they tried to get a tubal ligation or vasectomy and could not find a doctor to do it.  One woman who responded wrote that she is 30 and still has this problem. This is similar to my own story–

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