Flashback: Non-Parents Day in 1973

Thanks to a savvy source who located a New York Times archived article, I’ve found out how the National Organization for Non-Parents, or NON (which later become the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood, or NAOP) celebrated Non-Parents Day in 1973–and they did in style.  Continue reading “Flashback: Non-Parents Day in 1973”

Reporting Back: April 2011 On-the-Ground Question

Last month’s On-the-Ground question was: How does pro-baby messaging show up online? Here’s what people said:

The May Question: There is a pronatal orientation that “Children come first.” How does a “Kids come first” orientation play out in public, in the workplace, and other areas of our lives?

Reporting Back: February 2011 On-the-Ground Question

Last month’s On-the-Ground question was: What stories/wisdom do you have about finding childfree people to date? Check out what people said:

Here is the March question: Think across all kinds of media – television, film, print and digital, even radio- What, in your opinion, is the most powerful example of how the media promotes, even glorifies pregnancy and parenthood? Give me your views!

Finding Childfree Singles to Date: Start with Meeting of Literary Minds?

Thanks to all who have written in so far on this month’s On-the-Ground question about their experience with childfree dating.  Some great stories and unique ideas coming in~keep ’em coming–Will report back at the end of the month! One idea relates to singles in general–get involved in groups or organizations that are up to things you are interested in to meet like minds.  Here is an example of this I came across that’s combined with speed dating:

Continue reading “Finding Childfree Singles to Date: Start with Meeting of Literary Minds?”

Luara Carroll, Childfree Choice

The Childfree –The Year 2000 and Now

I spoke at the annual No Kidding!  convention in Houston this last weekend (Founder Jerry Steinberg is on your left). No Kidding is an international social club for childfree couples and singles. Many thanks to Amanda Vermillion of the Houston No Kidding! chapter–she orchestrated a great event.  Continue reading “The Childfree –The Year 2000 and Now”

Meeting Like – Minded Friends

In talking to people without children by choice for all over, many of them lament how hard it is to find other like minded people to socialize with.  When researching Families of Two, I learned of a great social club called No Kidding!  Continue reading “Meeting Like – Minded Friends”