Retired Niche Living – What Would the Childfree Version Look Like?

In the same edition of TIME as the article on living alone as “the new norm,” there’s another one that got me thinking about childfree applications. This one is on “niche aging.” Fast forward to your retirement (ok, that might seem far away but from On-the-Ground question responses, many think way ahead about this!) with this idea… Continue reading “Retired Niche Living – What Would the Childfree Version Look Like?”

Paula is on far left

Childfree Wisdom and Resilience in Later Life

I recently attended a “celebration of life” service for my friend Paula’s partner. Paula is my 70+ year old childfree friend I met through our mutual interest in art deco. She has very little family, and have to admit I wondered now that the love of her life Bill had died, how she’ll fare being alone.  Then an interesting number of things came my way. Continue reading “Childfree Wisdom and Resilience in Later Life”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

Childfree and Early Retirement

In interviewing couples for Families of Two, I met couples with a wide array of lifestyles.  A few couples had serious goals to change their lifestyle at a certain age, and retire early. One couple –a neonatalogist (doc that works with premature babies) and a yoga instructor, did just that. They made a plan… Continue reading “Childfree and Early Retirement”

Childfree thoughts on “Parentless Parents”

Nonfiction author Allison Gilbert’s writes about a topic we don’t hear much about–how the deaths of mothers and fathers can impact their children who are parents. She is currently researching a book on this topic. Gilbert speaks to how not having your parents around if you are parents can impact a marriage, and can create a recurring fear of dying young.  She also discusses things parents can do to keep their parents alive for their kids.

Continue reading “Childfree thoughts on “Parentless Parents””