Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

Insights on Being Childfree and Christian

I recently connected with blogger I.Am.Free at her blog–Childfree Christian: Thoughts on the intersection of Christianity and childfreedom.  She has some great thoughts and insights on being childfree and Christian. I hear from Lots of Christians who struggle with this, so I asked if she’d co-post an interview, and I am happy she agreed! First a few words from I.Am.Free: Continue reading “Insights on Being Childfree and Christian”

The Real Sex & the City Celebrities–Kids or No Kids?

Lisa Hymas of did a post on how Sex and the City is the greenest movie of the year  because the lead character Carrie, even though she does not realize it, exemplifies a greenish lifestyle — she has no car, does not travel much, and most importantly she is childfree. Continue reading “The Real Sex & the City Celebrities–Kids or No Kids?”

Childfree Celebs Part II: Young Mothers and the Media

I was just in Zihuatanejo, Mexico (pictured) for several days. At the local market you see many women running the produce, poultry and meat stalls. There and just walking the streets—all over—you see so many young women who are already mothers, some already with more than one child. Now I know this is not an uncommon sight. The culture is different, and more women there get married and begin having babies much earlier than young women here. But is that so? Continue reading “Childfree Celebs Part II: Young Mothers and the Media”