Teen Mom Reality TV: A Way to Reduce Teen Pregnancy?

How did 21 year old mom Amber Portwood make $140,000 in six months? She had a contract with MTV to be on the reality tv show, Teen Mom. Like other young women on other teen mom reality shows… Continue reading “Teen Mom Reality TV: A Way to Reduce Teen Pregnancy?”

A Tough Way to Realize You Are Childfree

The childfree know that there are lots of ways we come to this decision. Many of us know early in life, and many come to the decision over time for a variety of reasons. But a recent comment by a guy on boingboing reminded of a reason we don’t hear about as much. The decision, or realization even, can come by way of miscarriage. Some couples have to admit a sense of relief.  As the boingboing  commenter says, “as horrible as this sounds, we weren’t as sad as we should’ve been.” It may be taboo to admit, but … Continue reading “A Tough Way to Realize You Are Childfree”

Becoming a Mother: How Old is Too Old?

Recent breakthroughs in egg-freezing technology may be a game changer for age-related infertility.  As a woman profiled in a recent Vogue article on the topic says, “oocyte cryopreservation” is freeing her from the “tyranny of the expiration date” of being able to have children.

How does it work? What are the pros? What issues does it raise? Check it out. Continue reading “Becoming a Mother: How Old is Too Old?”

Teens and the Pursuit of Fame Through Pregnancy

An unsettling segment called “Mothers of Unplanned Consequences” was recently on abc.

The media is doing quite a pronatalist number on young women, and the young moms are the ones who end up paying quite the price.

Continue reading “Teens and the Pursuit of Fame Through Pregnancy”

What to Know About 2 Non-Surgical Sterilization Procedures: Essure & Adiana

Last June I wrote about a FDA approved non-surgical sterilization procedure for women called Essure. Since then, I have learned of another: Adiana.  Both have big benefits over getting a tubal ligation.

I had a chance to interview Dr. Schwartz, Continue reading “What to Know About 2 Non-Surgical Sterilization Procedures: Essure & Adiana”

Reporting Back: The March 2011 On-the-Ground Question

The March On-the-Ground question was: In your opinion, what is the most powerful example of pro-baby messaging in the media? Here’s what you said:

The April Question: In your internet travels, tune into pro-baby messaging–How does pro-baby messaging show up and live online?

Let’s hear from you!

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The Real Reason for the Attempt to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

The House recently debated an amendment that would severely impact family planning our country. It would cut off funding for Planned Parenthood. But the bill would do more than this–it would kill “Title X” … Continue reading “The Real Reason for the Attempt to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding”

PGD: Next Step Toward Designer Babies?

In addition to what I talked about in the last post, 3-parent IVF, there is another controversial procedure that enables would-be parents to select the sex of a child with almost 100 percent certainty through a technique called Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).  Also known as “Family Balancing,”  it can be part of the IVF process. How does it work? Continue reading “PGD: Next Step Toward Designer Babies?”

Does Three Parent IVF Go Too Far?

Scientists at Newcastle University have developed a new cloning technique called “three parent invitro fertilization (IVF).” It involves fixing malfunctioning mitochondrial DNA during the IVF fertilization process. How this works is rather amazing yet concerning.   Continue reading “Does Three Parent IVF Go Too Far?”