Finding Homes for Kids Already Here

According to the Dept. of Health and Human Services, of the over 400,000  U.S.children are currently in foster care, and about 25% will be there for more than three years. Many never find homes at all. But a new kind of foster care program may be changing this. TIME magazine.. Continue reading “Finding Homes for Kids Already Here”

Caplan and I Go Another Round on WSJ

Well, Bryan Caplan responded to my piece,“With Kids, Easier Doesn’t Make It Right,” which is in response to his, “Twin Lessons: Have More Kids. Pay Less Attention to Them.”  See what you think. asked me to go another round and respond to the response. Check it out! There is also a summary of the debate including views by Will Wilkinson of The Economist. Bravo to all who have commented so far…Inclined to weigh in and comment? Do it! I’ll say it again, this is a great opportunity to productively speak out to inform and educate~

Go Ahead – Have More Kids? My WSJ Counter

The asked me to respond to Bryan Caplan’s piece, “Twin Lessons: Have More Kids. Pay Less Attention to Them.”  He has a new book out, Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids. Even the title gets me going!

Now, he does discuss some interesting research about parenting, but takes it too far… Continue reading “Go Ahead – Have More Kids? My WSJ Counter”

Book Review: The Slap

I’m always on the look out for books with characters with no children by choice, not just for their childfree status, but more how their characters contribute to the story.

One of this blog’s childfree-related article sleuths was kind enough to write a review on a provocative book she recently read that fits this childfree character bill. The book is called The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas, and here’s what she thought: Continue reading “Book Review: The Slap”

The Power of Candor & Realism: Happier Parents and More Childfree?

Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman, parents and creators of the parenting site,, have an interesting talk on TED about the taboos of parenting. The talk about four parenting taboos: Continue reading “The Power of Candor & Realism: Happier Parents and More Childfree?”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

Are the Childfree Qualified to Give Parents Advice?

Earlier this year parentdish did a piece on a childfree/parent contested topic: if you don’t have kids can you give parents advice?

Well, out of the blocks I have to say that I operate from the principle on advice in general–don’t give it unless it’s asked for!

But when it comes to parent advice, what did the parentdish survey report?  Out of about 29,000 voters… Continue reading “Are the Childfree Qualified to Give Parents Advice?”

More on the Selfish Issue: How are Parents Selfish?

As I mention in the vlog on the August On-the-Ground question wrap up,  I received lots of mail from childfree and parents re the question about how parents can be selfish. Thanks again to all that wrote in — parents and childfree.  And double thanks to parents’ candor. It really does help expand the conversation on selfishness, with kids and without. Here’s a few more themes that came up from parents: Continue reading “More on the Selfish Issue: How are Parents Selfish?”

Parents Less Happy Than Non-Parents-Or Are They?

Studies tell us that those with kids are less happy than those without. They tell us that mothers are less happy than fathers, that single parents are less happy still, that babies and toddlers are the hardest, and that each successive child produces diminishing returns. Still others say… Continue reading “Parents Less Happy Than Non-Parents-Or Are They?”

Good and Bad News about Dads

The news about dads isn’t always good around “their” day. This last one brought to mind the  piece Time did a couple of years ago about whether dads have done a good enough job to deserve the honor of being celebrated on Father’s Day.

This last Father’s Day I saw a piece by writer Jeff Gillenkirk  who says they do deserve the honor these days.  In his recent essay in the San Francisco Chronicle, Gillenkirk indicates that studies and census abstracts “show that more American Dads are spending more time doing more things with their kids than at any time in our post-agrarian society. The number of stay at home dads also rose nearly 60%…

Continue reading “Good and Bad News about Dads”