Reasons Why People Decide Not to Have Kids

Unpacking Reasons Why People Decide Not to Have Kids

The recent piece, “Do You Have Kids,” by Jeannette Cooperman on in part lays out what “14 women of various races, careers, backgrounds, and belief systems, all married or as-good-as, with the resources to raise a child should they choose to” contemplate as reasons women decide not to have kids.  Let me briefly unpack them: Continue reading “Unpacking Reasons Why People Decide Not to Have Kids”

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How About Having Only One

Staying on the theme from my recent post that the greenest thing a person can do is to not have kids….OK I realize it’s not realistic to think that more people than not will decide to have no children, so what about the idea of couples only having one  child? Author Bill McKibben takes this on with his book Maybe  One.

McKibben writes if we averaged 1.5 children per woman,  not just about 2 which is what it is now, and we reduce immigration somewhat, in 2050 the U.S. population would be 230 million, which is what it was when Ronald Reagan was elected.  He argues that it would make a difference in reducing environmental damage if more people would stop at one child.

But it’s best for a child to have a sibling, right? McKibben says wrong. Continue reading “How About Having Only One”

What the Childfree and the Done At Ones Have in Common

A regular commenter here at La Vie Childfree recently wrote me about the top five bingos she has received as a “Done at One.” They are more related to what’s behind a lot of bingos the childfree get than you might think. Check it out. Continue reading “What the Childfree and the Done At Ones Have in Common”

Chewing on Sustainable Population Issues

Seeing the recent article in TIME on debunking the myths of only children, I thought of Bill McKibben who told us all about this and more over ten years ago in his book Maybe One. He talks about how single kid families can work and are necessary to help ensure we not exceed “planet capacity,” or the population that the earth can support.

This idea takes me to the issue of overpopulation. Some experts believe it’s driving many environmental issues and global warming. But other experts don’t agree.  There’s a range of expert positions. Let’s start with a most interesting one. Check out this video of Hans Rosling, Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Definitely worth the watch–

Continue reading “Chewing on Sustainable Population Issues”

Italy’s Low Birthrates=Demographic Suicide?

On May 25th Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, archbishop of Genoa, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, addressed fellow Italian bishops at the 61st plenary assembly and called Italy’s declining birthrate  “slow demographic suicide.”   “Over 50% of families today are without children,” and according to the article on LifeSite, Continue reading “Italy’s Low Birthrates=Demographic Suicide?”