Inequitable Work-Life Policies in the Workplace

There is a lot of talk these days about “work-family balance.” Promoting more parental leave, flex-time and telecommuting policies for working mothers and fathers does help support working parents’ ability to care for their new babies and children. However, there is a big problem with Continue reading “Inequitable Work-Life Policies in the Workplace”

Aussies: Many Say No Kids By Choice, But Stigma Remains

A recent study of people with no children in Western Australia by University psychology lecturer Bronwyn Harman shows some high numbers when it comes to the choice factor. However, Dr. Harman also found that “childlessness in Australia is viewed negatively, and is largely misunderstood.” Here’s some detail. Continue reading “Aussies: Many Say No Kids By Choice, But Stigma Remains”

Pronatalism’s Costs to Children and Society

What kind of story do we see in the news just about every day? Incidents of child abuse. When it comes to child abuse, the statistics in the United States are unnerving. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, in the United States a child is abused or neglected every 36 seconds. This Department also reports that in 2010, “parents, acting alone or with another person, were responsible for 79.2 percent of child abuse or neglect fatalities.” And according to the American Anthropological Association, three to five children a day are killed by their parents.

At first it might seem ironic that in our child-centered society so much harm comes to children. Continue reading “Pronatalism’s Costs to Children and Society”

Making Motherhood a Choice in Brazil

There’s some good stuff happening in Brazil. A facebook follower recently posted a link about the first book out on the childless by choice topic. It is not available in English yet so I hear, but when it is I will let you know!

Another person who visits my families of two facebook page posted a recent story about an organization involved in changing “the embedded view in poor teenagers that suggests motherhood is a destination instead of a personal choice.” Vera Cordeiro, Founder and General Superintendent of Associação Saude Criança, gives detail:

Continue reading “Making Motherhood a Choice in Brazil”
Laura Carroll, The Baby Matrix

Pronatalism’s Influence on the Motherhood Decision

In The Baby Matrix, I talk about about how pronatalism is all around us.  Here’s an example that has to do with a woman who is struggling with her uncertainly about becoming a mother. In an article by Nina Jacinto, “Loving So Much It Hurts: Why I’m Not Sure I Can Be a Mom” here is an excerpt of her feelings:

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Think Parent/Childfree Friendships Can Have Their Challenges? Check Out Fertility Jealousy

As many childfree and parents know,  there is an art to friendships where one person has children and the other does not-by choice.  These friendships all too often have their challenges.  But what about friendships in which one person is having no problem having kids, and the other … Continue reading “Think Parent/Childfree Friendships Can Have Their Challenges? Check Out Fertility Jealousy”

Beyond the Baby Bump: Birth is Big Business

A  recent article in TIME magazine, “The 1% Birth. Why baby Beyonces are little profit center for hospitals” struck me as an example of the power of pronatalism. Why?  Birth is big business…and particularly “luxe” birth. Continue reading “Beyond the Baby Bump: Birth is Big Business”

New National Science Foundation Rules Include the Childfree?

First Lady Michelle Obama recently spoke to the new rules put out by the National Science Foundation that are designed to make it easier for scientists – “especially women – to balance work and family.”

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