A Report on the Childfree and Religious Affiliation

I recently had an announcement on the front page of this blog regarding the opportunity to participate in Nicole Ross’ survey project for a class of hers at the Canberra Institute of Technology. It is on religious affiliation in the childfree community. The results are in and the report complete; here are some highlights from her report: Continue reading “A Report on the Childfree and Religious Affiliation”

Trending: Saying No To Marriage

The National Marriage Project, which conducts research on marriage and family in the United States, has a new report out on divorce, cohabitation and marriage. When it comes to living together, the research found that in the last 40 years… Continue reading “Trending: Saying No To Marriage”

Match.com Studies Singles-Do More Men or Women Not Want Kids?

Match.com recently funded a study of what TIME magazine says might “be the biggest study of single people ever.”  They may have paid for it, but Helen Fisher at Rutgers University, Stephanie Coontz at Binghamton University and an independent company actually did the study of 5,200 singles ages 21-65 who were not in a serious relationship.

Along with better understanding of the “partnerless”, the study has interesting finding about singles’ feelings about whether they want to become parents…

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Good and Bad News about Dads

The news about dads isn’t always good around “their” day. This last one brought to mind the  piece Time did a couple of years ago about whether dads have done a good enough job to deserve the honor of being celebrated on Father’s Day.

This last Father’s Day I saw a piece by writer Jeff Gillenkirk  who says they do deserve the honor these days.  In his recent essay in the San Francisco Chronicle, Gillenkirk indicates that studies and census abstracts “show that more American Dads are spending more time doing more things with their kids than at any time in our post-agrarian society. The number of stay at home dads also rose nearly 60%…

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Gen Y: If Childfree, More Likely to Stay That Way?

The April 23rd edition of USA Today had the article, “Generation Y faces some steep financial hurdles.”  Also known as the Millennial Generation, they include the more than 50 million born from the 1980s to 2000. According to the article, they may be best remembered for “whether they can overcome the dire financial straits that plague many of them,” with their plight “as much created by members’ pre-recession personal finance habits as by the misfortune of coming of age as the recession took hold in 2007.”

A recent report by Demos, a public policy research and advocacy think tank indicates that… Continue reading “Gen Y: If Childfree, More Likely to Stay That Way?”