Laura Carroll, editorial services

Wondrous Ways the World Connects People

I am lucky- I love my work. In addition to writing nonfiction books, I help organizations and individuals achieve their professional communications goals. This takes the form of everything from editing eBooks, business plans, to writing and editing website content, e-articles, presentations, marketing materials, media materials, training and educational materials, and more.

I have just been on the road for several days on a project, and had two things happened that I also love…this is on a whole other level of communication. Continue reading “Wondrous Ways the World Connects People”

Having No Children in Later Years: Highlights of Recent Research

As I discuss in The Baby Matrix, since the year 2000 more research has been conducted on those with no children than ever before. Studies have been conducted in many countries in a variety of areas. One area in which there has been a good deal of research involves one’s the elder years. Here are some interesting research highlights: Continue reading “Having No Children in Later Years: Highlights of Recent Research”

Childfree=Narcissist? Authors of The Narcissism Epidemic Would Likely Disagree

The Time article on “The Childfree Life” has generated a lot of digital buzz. Some of it  has brought back discussion on the myth that those who have no children by choice are selfish, self-absorbed, and narcissistic.

Would the authors of the nonfiction book The Narcissism Epidemic agree? Not likely… Continue reading “Childfree=Narcissist? Authors of The Narcissism Epidemic Would Likely Disagree”