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Back to the Debate on Who’s Happiest – Parents or Non-Parents

Here we go again. An article on, “Parents are happier than non-parents, studies suggest” talks about two new studies that involve data from thousands of adults around the globe.  Here is what researcher Chris Herbst of Arizona State University says is undeniable about the findings… Continue reading “Back to the Debate on Who’s Happiest – Parents or Non-Parents”

What The Childfree & Living Solo Have in Common

I recently saw a stat that surprised me in the TIME article,  “Living Alone is the New Norm.”  Latest 2011 U.S. Census data tell us that 28% of Americans live alone.  That number means they are now “tied with childless couples as the most prominent residential type.”  The meaning of “Childless” here includes … Continue reading “What The Childfree & Living Solo Have in Common”

Giving Thanks For the Childfree Life

We talk about the challenges of being childfree a lot here, but at this time of year, let’s talk about what is great about having chosen not to have children–when it comes to the childfree life, what is on your list to be thankful for? I’ll start. Continue reading “Giving Thanks For the Childfree Life”

Reporting Back: The September 2011 On-the-Ground Question

The September On-the-Ground Question was: What legacies have you seen the childfree leave? What legacy would you like to leave? Here’s what people said, and a tee up to the October question:

Have a post script on the topic of legacies? Write it in!

Grilling the Childfree: What if the Tables Were Turned?

As the childfree know, we often get asked some amazing questions or comments from others. It’s been awhile, but I got one the other day–related to the one about “meaning in life.”

She said she didn’t really find what meaning in life meant to her until she had a kid–she then asks me… Continue reading “Grilling the Childfree: What if the Tables Were Turned?”

One Wise 100 Year Old Man

I am sure you’ve all seen pieces on the lives of some of the oldest people on the planet.  They are generally asked, “What are the secrets to a long and healthy life?” Well, Dr. Ephraim, a rheumatologist, recently did the same for the San Francisco Chronicle on his 100th birthday.  For the first time that I have ever seen, what do you think was on the list? Continue reading “One Wise 100 Year Old Man”

Paula is on far left

Childfree Wisdom and Resilience in Later Life

I recently attended a “celebration of life” service for my friend Paula’s partner. Paula is my 70+ year old childfree friend I met through our mutual interest in art deco. She has very little family, and have to admit I wondered now that the love of her life Bill had died, how she’ll fare being alone.  Then an interesting number of things came my way. Continue reading “Childfree Wisdom and Resilience in Later Life”