Reporting Back: The September 2011 On-the-Ground Question

The September On-the-Ground Question was: What legacies have you seen the childfree leave? What legacy would you like to leave? Here’s what people said, and a tee up to the October question:

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Do The Childfree Have a Distinct Wanderlust?

Any childfree person should know about sociologist Jean Veevers. She was a pioneer in the study of the childfree, or “voluntary childlessness” as it was called back then. Even in the 70s, she was writing about how the voluntary childless was a “neglected area of study.” Check out some of what she did find in her research.  Continue reading “Do The Childfree Have a Distinct Wanderlust?”

Grilling the Childfree: What if the Tables Were Turned?

As the childfree know, we often get asked some amazing questions or comments from others. It’s been awhile, but I got one the other day–related to the one about “meaning in life.”

She said she didn’t really find what meaning in life meant to her until she had a kid–she then asks me… Continue reading “Grilling the Childfree: What if the Tables Were Turned?”

One Wise 100 Year Old Man

I am sure you’ve all seen pieces on the lives of some of the oldest people on the planet.  They are generally asked, “What are the secrets to a long and healthy life?” Well, Dr. Ephraim, a rheumatologist, recently did the same for the San Francisco Chronicle on his 100th birthday.  For the first time that I have ever seen, what do you think was on the list? Continue reading “One Wise 100 Year Old Man”

Caplan and I Go Another Round on WSJ

Well, Bryan Caplan responded to my piece,“With Kids, Easier Doesn’t Make It Right,” which is in response to his, “Twin Lessons: Have More Kids. Pay Less Attention to Them.”  See what you think. asked me to go another round and respond to the response. Check it out! There is also a summary of the debate including views by Will Wilkinson of The Economist. Bravo to all who have commented so far…Inclined to weigh in and comment? Do it! I’ll say it again, this is a great opportunity to productively speak out to inform and educate~

Go Ahead – Have More Kids? My WSJ Counter

The asked me to respond to Bryan Caplan’s piece, “Twin Lessons: Have More Kids. Pay Less Attention to Them.”  He has a new book out, Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids. Even the title gets me going!

Now, he does discuss some interesting research about parenting, but takes it too far which I lay out my response piece , “With Kids, Easier Doesn’t Mean It’s Right.”


It’s the WSJ, so as you might imagine, they “steered” me a bit, and requested I not rant about the environmental impacts of promoting the idea “parenting can be easier than you think so have as many kids as you want!”

No problem…lots more to say to counter his ideas. Check it out. Thanks to all who have commented so far, and I encourage others to do so as well at  It’s a great chance to inform and educate!

Parents Less Happy Than Non-Parents-Or Are They?

Studies tell us that those with kids are less happy than those without. They tell us that mothers are less happy than fathers, that single parents are less happy still, that babies and toddlers are the hardest, and that each successive child produces diminishing returns. Still others say… Continue reading “Parents Less Happy Than Non-Parents-Or Are They?”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

Parenthood versus the Childfree Life Part I

A contributor to this blog forwarded an article to me recently that appeared in Sydney, Australia’s, The Sun Herald. It did not appear online.  It’s titled, “Do children really make us happy? Alison Cameron compares parenthood with a childfree life.” Author Alison Cameron spoke to Australian parents, the childfree, and looked at international research to find out who are the “winner and losers,” parents or childfree, in five different areas.  The next five posts will take each area one at a time.  First, the quoted content from Cameron’s article.  The first area: Money. Continue reading “Parenthood versus the Childfree Life Part I”