Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

The Art of Childfree and Parent Friendships

I have just returned from a trip with dear girlfriends. What a treasure to have close girlfriends! Mine are a combination of childfree women and moms.  On the heels of the trip, I’m inspired to say a few words about friendships that do not have children in common: Continue reading “The Art of Childfree and Parent Friendships”

Meeting Like – Minded Friends

In talking to people without children by choice for all over, many of them lament how hard it is to find other like minded people to socialize with.  When researching Families of Two, I learned of a great social club called No Kidding!  Continue reading “Meeting Like – Minded Friends”

Mothers Day

My grandmother and my mom

Parents of Childfree: What–I Don’t Get to be a Grandparent?

When I decided to do Families of Two I will never forget my mother’s (that’s her on the right in this photo; on the left is my late grandmother) initial reaction. She told me she was not going to tell any of her friends what I was doing. I asked her why… Continue reading “Parents of Childfree: What–I Don’t Get to be a Grandparent?”