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Print and Digital Book Cultures: Can They Exist Side by Side?

With the advent and innovations of print technology, there is a lot of talk about whether printed books are well on the road to dead. Author Alix Christie has an interesting view in the San Francisco Chronicle – check it out.   Continue reading “Print and Digital Book Cultures: Can They Exist Side by Side?”

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Wisdom of Salman Rushdie on Writing Memoirs

Ever thought about writing a memoir? A client of mine who is in the midst of writing a memoir passed on this insightful interview excerpt with Salman Rushdie at Emory University in 2011. He explains why the best of memoirs employ the novelistic technique. Check it out: Continue reading “Wisdom of Salman Rushdie on Writing Memoirs”

On Teaching Students to Love Nonfiction

Forty-six states and Washington D.C. have adopted what are called Common Core State Standards for their schools. What have some English teachers been outraged about? They require students to be reading primarily nonfiction by the time they are in high school.  As the San Francisco Chronicle put it… Continue reading “On Teaching Students to Love Nonfiction”

The Childfree in Fiction

Where are the characters in novels that have no children by choice? They’re out there. Take novelist JoAnne Soper-Cook. This is one of her books on the left  -but more on her in a minute. The review of British author P.D. James by Lori Bradley of BellaOnline inspired me to put word out on where the childfree characters in novels are.  First, on James, Continue reading “The Childfree in Fiction”