What the Childfree and the Done At Ones Have in Common

A regular commenter here at La Vie Childfree recently wrote me about the top five bingos she has received as a “Done at One.” They are more related to what’s behind a lot of bingos the childfree get than you might think. Check it out. Continue reading “What the Childfree and the Done At Ones Have in Common”

Are the Childfree More Likely to be Left Out of Wills?

A recent Dear Abby I ran across, “Childless Grandchild Left Out of Will,” got me thinking about the childfree, wills and inheritance. Here are 3 reasons why the childfree might not make it into wills: Continue reading “Are the Childfree More Likely to be Left Out of Wills?”

The Duggars at 20!

I know this blog steers clear of rant, but when I saw headlines applauding Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s announcement that they are pregnant with #20, I did want to pound some keys here and rant. I have calmed down, and land with these thoughts… Continue reading “The Duggars at 20!”

Online Buzz and Musings On 7 Billion

Well, I can now say I am no longer a “protest virgin.” Last Sunday I was one of the 12,000 people who came from all over the United States and Canada to circle the White House in protest the Keystone XL pipeline.  But that is another story…

While there I saw in the Wall Street Journal some stats on what people think about us reaching the 7 billion person mark. Check it out: Continue reading “Online Buzz and Musings On 7 Billion”

DINKs, GINKs, Now Ding Chongs

In addition to today’s trends of the Chinese seeing parenthood as a choice, the recent article on the childfree in China also spoke to how “Dogs are the new bundles of joy for some childless families, giving rise to a new phenomenon known as  ding chong, or ‘double income with pet.’ ”  Are pets bundles of joy for more families without children than not? My take… Continue reading “DINKs, GINKs, Now Ding Chongs”

Trending: Saying No To Marriage

The National Marriage Project, which conducts research on marriage and family in the United States, has a new report out on divorce, cohabitation and marriage. When it comes to living together, the research found that in the last 40 years… Continue reading “Trending: Saying No To Marriage”

Happy Non-Parents Day! And Reporting Back: July 2011 On-the-Ground Question

Today is Non-Parents Day, as deemed by the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood years ago.  Spread the Word!  Check out my previous post and join many childfree on this day by writing 60 Minutes!

Reporting back on the July On-the-Ground Question–it was: Are you childfree when you don’t want kids of your own, but have step kids? Here’s what you said, and a tee up to the August question:

When Kids Ask If You Have Kids: A Childfree School Counselor’s Take

There is lots of talk out there about how to best respond to adults who ask the childfree why they don’t have kids. But what about when kids ask?  I recently asked my Brazilian friend Aggie who is a School Counselor … Continue reading “When Kids Ask If You Have Kids: A Childfree School Counselor’s Take”

Kids on flights: 5 tips to avoid and 5 tips for parents

Reading Corrine McDermott’s “5 Tips to Avoid Flying With Kids” had me shaking my head.

It got me thinking about tips that focus on the parents—ways they can show consideration and respect for their fellow passengers. First, Ms. McDermott’s 5 tips, and then 5 of mine: Continue reading “Kids on flights: 5 tips to avoid and 5 tips for parents”

Rise in Childfree Gen Xers: Challenging a Rationale

Check out some new data on the childfree: a study conducted by the Center for Work-Life Policy of 3000 Gen X men and women indicates that 43% of college educated Gen X women (ages 33-46) are child-free, “despite about three-quarters of them being in “long-term relationships and living with their partners.”

How do the researchers explain it? Get a load of this: Continue reading “Rise in Childfree Gen Xers: Challenging a Rationale”