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One of the Many Negative Effects of Pronatalism & One Woman’s Solution

Have you heard of the non-profit organization, Project Prevention? Led by founder Barbara Harris, Project Prevention helps addicts and alcoholics get on long term or permanent birth control. Why? So they don’t conceive children. Continue reading “One of the Many Negative Effects of Pronatalism & One Woman’s Solution”

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Adiana: What Happened to it as a Permanent Contraception Option?

I have previously posted on two non-surgical sterilization procedures, Adiana and Essure. Both have big benefits over a tubal ligation. But for Adiana it’s past tense-unfortunately, this procedure is no longer available. Why? It boils down to a law suit… Continue reading “Adiana: What Happened to it as a Permanent Contraception Option?”

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Happy World Contraception Day

Today is World Contraception Day (WCD). It’s been organized by the European Society of Contraception since September 2007.  According to WomanCare Global, it is a global campaign that recognizes the importance of access to contraception for women around the world” and has a “mission to… Continue reading “Happy World Contraception Day”

World Population Day

July 11: World Population Day

From wikipedia, World Population Day “is an annual event, observed on July 11, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues. The event was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989. It was inspired by the public interest in… Continue reading “July 11: World Population Day”

Making Motherhood a Choice in Brazil

There’s some good stuff happening in Brazil. A facebook follower recently posted a link about the first book out on the childless by choice topic. It is not available in English yet so I hear, but when it is I will let you know!

Another person who visits my families of two facebook page posted a recent story about an organization involved in changing “the embedded view in poor teenagers that suggests motherhood is a destination instead of a personal choice.” Vera Cordeiro, Founder and General Superintendent of Associação Saude Criança, gives detail:

Continue reading “Making Motherhood a Choice in Brazil”

Charles Knowlton: A Father of Children as a Choice

In Elizabeth Kolbert’s recent article in The New Yorker talks about a guy who sure is worth knowing about: doctor Charles Knowlton. Why? Because he is a father of the idea that having children is a choice, that parenthood is optional. Check out what Kolbert says… Continue reading “Charles Knowlton: A Father of Children as a Choice”

Online Buzz and Musings On 7 Billion

Well, I can now say I am no longer a “protest virgin.” Last Sunday I was one of the 12,000 people who came from all over the United States and Canada to circle the White House in protest the Keystone XL pipeline.  But that is another story…

While there I saw in the Wall Street Journal some stats on what people think about us reaching the 7 billion person mark. Check it out: Continue reading “Online Buzz and Musings On 7 Billion”

The Latest in Birth Control For Men: RISUG

When I first heard of a new method of birth control for men called RISUG (“reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance”) that is 100% effective, I wanted to say-Interested men, get on a plane to India! Turns out, it is a bit too soon for that, but it is in its final stages of becoming approved and available there and in many other countries.

How does it work? Check it out. Continue reading “The Latest in Birth Control For Men: RISUG”