David Brooks and Outmoded Thinking About Singles and the Childfree

First, let me say I am a fan of David Brooks’ political commentary. But I can’t always say this about his thinking on sociological issues. Take his recent op-ed, “The Age of Possibility” in The New York Times.  You’ll see that he needs to expand his thinking about people who don’t have kids …and singles as well. Continue reading “David Brooks and Outmoded Thinking About Singles and the Childfree”

The Childfree Teacher Experience

One of the many misconceptions about those who have no children by choice is they don’t like kids.  Many people don’t realize that a lot of childfree not only like kids, but have made kids the theme of their vocation. The childfree are teachers, special educators, child care professionals, pediatricians, and social workers who work with kids, just to name a few.

What is their experience of having their professional lives revolve around children and having no children of their own? Here’s a great piece by teacher Theresa Lembke …

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The Childfree Personality–Are We More Introverted?

Psychology Today has an intriguing article on the topic of introversion. Even in our extrovert-oriented society, national samples suggest that introverts make up about half of the U.S. population –using Carl Jung’s definition of introversion, that is. However, the article discusses the many faces of introversion… Continue reading “The Childfree Personality–Are We More Introverted?”