Assumptions about the Childfree and Christmas

At this time of year, people without children by choice can come up against inaccurate assumptions others make about them. Many people can assume that this growing segment of the population tends not to celebrate Christmas because they don’t have kids. Continue reading “Assumptions about the Childfree and Christmas”

Case In Point: Why Accepting the Childfree Choice is Still on the Uphill Climb

Last year Grist did a piece on why the childfree had finally gone mainstream.  I had to disagree. While this choice is talked about more than ever before, it’s not hit mainstream acceptance by a long shot.  One big reason? Religion.  This “Happily Childfree” post by a Catholic medical student is a sure reminder of how certain religions will always stand in the way… Continue reading “Case In Point: Why Accepting the Childfree Choice is Still on the Uphill Climb”

Postscript to Childfree Christian and Judgment Issues

A visitor to this blog recently commented on the post, “100+ Reasons to Have Children” at Life in a Shoe. I spoke to the 100+ reasons in a recent post, and Leslie copied her comment in the string here.   It is a great one that speaks to the childfree christian and right/wrong/judgment issues I have been discussing of late, and just have to highlight it an excerpt.  Check it out. Continue reading “Postscript to Childfree Christian and Judgment Issues”

Insights from a Childfree Mormon Feminist

Back to the childfree christian channel (thanks again I.Am.Free for her recent interview) — Cha Cha, did a great guest post on She lays out her reasons for not wanting children, which will sound familiar to many childfree. But then she goes on to how the mormon church sees her, and asks some insightful questions.. Continue reading “Insights from a Childfree Mormon Feminist”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

Insights on Being Childfree and Christian

I recently connected with blogger I.Am.Free at her blog–Childfree Christian: Thoughts on the intersection of Christianity and childfreedom.  She has some great thoughts and insights on being childfree and Christian. I hear from Lots of Christians who struggle with this, so I asked if she’d co-post an interview, and I am happy she agreed! First a few words from I.Am.Free: Continue reading “Insights on Being Childfree and Christian”

Childfree Christians: Challenging Be Fruitful and Multiply

Katherine English wrote an interesting post, “Free to be Childfree” on Café-Stirring the Spirit Within.  It asks questions childfree Christians often struggle with. She writes that “it seems that there is instruction in many parts of the bible to be ‘fruitful and multiply’” (Genesis 1), and asks what does this mean for women who choose not to have children–are those women still living as God intended? Continue reading “Childfree Christians: Challenging Be Fruitful and Multiply”