Reporting Back:January 2011 On-the-Ground Question

The January question: What childfree and related topics would you like to learn more about and discuss on this blog in 2011?

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Childfree dating: What stories and wisdom do you have about finding childfree people to date?

Famous and Celebrity Childfree — or Not?

I like to track childfree celebs, looking for those that come out about their choice not to have kids in a baby crazed celeb world. On there’s a slideshow of 23 “childfree” celebrities.  Upon closer look, not all are childfree — they are more aptly described as “no kids yet”  — they want them but don’t have them right now for one reason or another, from infertility, to not the right time, to no spouse, you name it. Of the 23, those that aren’t childfree seem to be…

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The BBC Does Childless by Choice

On July 28th, BBC radio’s Woman’s Hour did a show on women who are childless by choice in the UK and Europe.

Dr. Catherine Hakim, Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics, baby coach Beth Follini, writer Cristina Odone and Melanie Notkin, the creator of SavvyAuntie discuss some of the usual topics on the childfree, but make a number of interesting points, especially when you compare it to what’s happening in the United States. Here are 10 points that stand out: Continue reading “The BBC Does Childless by Choice”

Stuck in Stereotypes

Have you seen how Toyota is marketing one its mini-vans?  Talk about stereotypes, and a sore attempt at rap.

Ads like this disturb me.  It’s a staunch reminder of the power of advertising and how it seriously reinforces the values all of us are “supposed “to have.  Advertising has staggering statistics: the average city-dweller is exposed to 5,000 advertising messages a day, the average household watches more than ..

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Recession and Divorce Part II

Did you catch the CBS news piece on fewer divorces in America?  It claims that the “silver lining” of the recession is that divorce rates are at their lowest rate in 30 years.  Couples encounter money problems, begin fighting, more men at home and women the ones going to work all challenge the marriage.  But the story focuses on… Continue reading “Recession and Divorce Part II”

Childfree Celebs Part II: Young Mothers and the Media

I was just in Zihuatanejo, Mexico (pictured) for several days. At the local market you see many women running the produce, poultry and meat stalls. There and just walking the streets—all over—you see so many young women who are already mothers, some already with more than one child. Now I know this is not an uncommon sight. The culture is different, and more women there get married and begin having babies much earlier than young women here. But is that so? Continue reading “Childfree Celebs Part II: Young Mothers and the Media”

Childfree Celebrities: Where Are They?

For awhile now, in the tabloids and popular magazines that follow the stars, so much of what we’ve seen has to do with who is pregnant, who is having another child, and slews of pictures of Hollywood babies, babies, and more babies! Then just recently Ah! we hear from Rachael Ray and why she does not have children.

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Mad, Mad Myths About Those Who Opt Out of Parenthood

The last post was about mad, mad myths about parenthood—Now let’s turn to the mad, mad myths about those who don’t have kids by choice. From interviewing over a hundred couples for Families of Two, here are my top, top four: Continue reading “Mad, Mad Myths About Those Who Opt Out of Parenthood”