Where are the Not-Famous Favorite Childfree?

In honor of Women’s History Month, this month’s On-the-Ground question has been:  Who is your favorite childfree woman and why? She can be dead or alive, famous or not, someone from your professional or personal life, etc. I have been collecting responses over the course of the month, and am noticing an interesting thing… Continue reading “Where are the Not-Famous Favorite Childfree?”

Childfree Prime Minister Julia Gillard Takes Satirical Heat

Julia Gillard has taken some heat for not having children by choice, and now it’s her sex life that is being satirized. In a recent segment on the Australian comedy show At Home With Julia, there is a controversial scene in which the Gillard character and her partner appear in her office, “post-coital, naked under an Australian flag.” This kind of scene got me thinking… Continue reading “Childfree Prime Minister Julia Gillard Takes Satirical Heat”

Flashback: Non-Parents Day in 1973

Thanks to a savvy source who located a New York Times archived article, I’ve found out how the National Organization for Non-Parents, or NON (which later become the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood, or NAOP) celebrated Non-Parents Day in 1973–and they did in style.  Continue reading “Flashback: Non-Parents Day in 1973”

confessions of a childfree woman

Tell 60 Minutes It is Time for a Childfree Do Over

Over 30 years ago, the National Organization for Non-Parents (which became National Alliance for Optional Parenthood, or NAOP), deemed August 1 Non-Parents Day.  I say we gather our forces on this day and urge 60 Minutes to do a “do over” segment on the childfree from the one they did with Marcia Davis in 1974.  Here’s an example of something to send to 60: Continue reading “Tell 60 Minutes It is Time for a Childfree Do Over”

Movie Theaters That Are Smart About the Kid Factor

We all know the many ways we can get irritated at the movies. People talking, cell phones going off, cell phone lights on-and yes, screaming babies and disruptive kids that just shouldn’t be there.  Well, Alamo Drafthouse Theaters have policies that make sure you aren’t pulled out “of the magic of the movies.”   The problem: Continue reading “Movie Theaters That Are Smart About the Kid Factor”

Laura Carroll

Her memoi goes into the 60 Minutes debacle!

How Did 60 Minutes Treat the Childfree in 1974? Meet Marcia Drut-Davis

In my search for people involved with the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood (NAOP) that was in existence in the 70-80s, I recently found a wonderful woman named Marcia Drut-Davis.  Continue reading “How Did 60 Minutes Treat the Childfree in 1974? Meet Marcia Drut-Davis”

Reporting Back: The March 2011 On-the-Ground Question

The March On-the-Ground question was: In your opinion, what is the most powerful example of pro-baby messaging in the media? Here’s what you said:

The April Question: In your internet travels, tune into pro-baby messaging–How does pro-baby messaging show up and live online?

Let’s hear from you!

The Childfree in TV Shows

I recently queried folks on my facebook page about TV shows they knew of that have no characters with children, or shows that don’t involve pregnancy or children (at least so far), and people responded with more shows than I expected!

Here’s the list so far with links so you can them check out if you are not already familiar with a show– Continue reading “The Childfree in TV Shows”

Reporting Back:January 2011 On-the-Ground Question

The January question: What childfree and related topics would you like to learn more about and discuss on this blog in 2011?

Check out what people said:

The February question:

Childfree dating: What stories and wisdom do you have about finding childfree people to date?