Laura Carroll, Editorial Services

Finding and Feeling Your “Voice”

Opera Legend Jessye Norman has new memoir out, and I caught a lovely interview with her by PBS Newshour’s Jeffrey Brown.  In it, I was struck by how some of the things she said about finding the sound and feel of one’s voice relate to writers finding their written “voice.”  Continue reading “Finding and Feeling Your “Voice””

Laura Carroll, Editorial Services

Wisdom of Salman Rushdie on Writing Memoirs

Ever thought about writing a memoir? A client of mine who is in the midst of writing a memoir passed on this insightful interview excerpt with Salman Rushdie at Emory University in 2011. He explains why the best of memoirs employ the novelistic technique. Check it out: Continue reading “Wisdom of Salman Rushdie on Writing Memoirs”

Laura Carroll, LiveTrue books

Indie Book Reviews: Signs of Positive Change

As Suw Charman-Anderson wrote in her article, “New York Times Reviews Self-Published Book” on, “If there’s one thing every self-published author yearns for, it’s to be reviewed alongside traditionally published books. ” While she goes on to say that “for most that’s a dream that is unlikely to come true,” that just may be changing. Continue reading “Indie Book Reviews: Signs of Positive Change”

Rebecca Skloot

Writing Nonfiction: Tips on Conducting Research Interviews

Have an idea for a nonfiction book? Will it require interviewing a lot of certain types of people?  Interviewing people may not sound that difficult, but there is a real art to conducting them effectively. Rebecca Skloot (pictured), author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks … Continue reading “Writing Nonfiction: Tips on Conducting Research Interviews”

What Is the Right Word Count for Nonfiction?

I am about to start Alan Weisman’s latest book, Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope For a Future on Earth? But I have to admit, the Index starting at almost the 500th page makes me wonder – Did this book need to be this long? As an editor, here is one of my favorite sayings about book lengths: Continue reading “What Is the Right Word Count for Nonfiction?”