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On Childfree Sterilization: Shifting from Paternalism to Reproductive Autonomy

I sure like seeing more pieces out there these days on childfree sterilization in popular women’s publications. A recent piece in SELF on this topic deserves mention. After Deputy Editor Nina Bahadur relays a few women’s frustrating experiences and describes what male and female sterilization procedures involve, she gets into the ethical issues that need more talking about. Continue reading “On Childfree Sterilization: Shifting from Paternalism to Reproductive Autonomy”

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One of the Many Negative Effects of Pronatalism & One Woman’s Solution

Have you heard of the non-profit organization, Project Prevention? Led by founder Barbara Harris, Project Prevention helps addicts and alcoholics get on long term or permanent birth control. Why? So they don’t conceive children. Continue reading “One of the Many Negative Effects of Pronatalism & One Woman’s Solution”


Will the Pope Talk Overpopulation & I=PAT?

As I am sure you have seen in the media, the Pope’s “papal encyclical” is due out tomorrow. As CNN explains, “Derived from the Greek word for ‘circle,’ a papal encyclical is a letter from the pope to Catholic clergy and laypeople around the world.” This one though, he hopes “will reach a wider audience, including world leaders meeting for several key environmental summits this year.” It is supposed to be the “first to focus exclusively on ‘creation care,’ the Christian idea that God gave humans the Earth to cultivate, not conquer.”  Continue reading “Will the Pope Talk Overpopulation & I=PAT?”

Why Ashley Judd is Childfree

I am reading Ashley Judd’s memoir, All That is Bitter & Sweet. I have been a big fan of her acting work, and now learning more about her international humanitarian work –  Amazing and inspiring.  And she is childfree – Early on in the book she describes why she chose not to have children… Continue reading “Why Ashley Judd is Childfree”

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Adiana: What Happened to it as a Permanent Contraception Option?

I have previously posted on two non-surgical sterilization procedures, Adiana and Essure. Both have big benefits over a tubal ligation. But for Adiana it’s past tense-unfortunately, this procedure is no longer available. Why? It boils down to a law suit… Continue reading “Adiana: What Happened to it as a Permanent Contraception Option?”

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On Sterilization and Future Regret

A recent Slate article by Bryan Lowder, titled “Sterilize Me, Please: Why Is It So Difficult For Women to Get Their Tied?” gets at one of the most frustrating experiences for many childfree women who want to choose permanent birth control. I can’t tell you how many emails I have received from childfree women who were having a hard time finding a doctor who was unwilling to do a sterilization procedure, whether it be a tubal ligation, essure or adiana. All too often docs say the women will regret it down the road. But do they? Here are some numbers. Continue reading “On Sterilization and Future Regret”

Charles Knowlton: A Father of Children as a Choice

In Elizabeth Kolbert’s recent article in The New Yorker talks about a guy who sure is worth knowing about: doctor Charles Knowlton. Why? Because he is a father of the idea that having children is a choice, that parenthood is optional. Check out what Kolbert says… Continue reading “Charles Knowlton: A Father of Children as a Choice”