Reporting Back: The April 2012 On-the-Ground Question

The April childfree On-the-Ground question was: What do you get the most from online childfree communities? And in your opinion, how could the online childfree community improve?

Here’s what you said:

Moving to May, change is afoot this month…

I am going to give the On the Ground question a rest for now.  Why? My next book is about to come out, and once it’s out, instead of the On-the-Ground question, I’ll have queries related to the new book and more.

What’s the book about? I’ll post on it soon, but I will say that it takes on what I’ve talked about a lot here – pronatalism.  It talks about why it’s time for all of us to understand (that is parents and not) why we can no longer afford to leave pronatalist assumptions unquestioned, and why now is the time to transition to a “post” pronatal society.

I look at seven long-held pronatalist assumptions and the reasons they are incorrect, are no longer necessary, or no longer work., and lay out an alternative set of assumptions that reflects present realities and supports true reproductive freedom and reproductive responsibility in today’s society.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Reporting Back: The April 2012 On-the-Ground Question

  1. Good luck with your last minute preps. Looking forward to reading the new publication.

  2. I have to say again that I appreciate this blog and the serious questions and responses about being childfree and about pronatalism. I have been made to feel wrong for soo long about not having children. And the over-the-top pride and affected joy that some parents seem to exhibit sometimes really peeves me. Maybe because I remember being a kid and never thought life was that great or that my parents were in any way on cloud nine just because they, like billions of others, had kids. In other words, it all seems put on, fake. So this forum helps me see other’s perspectives on this and helps clarify things for me.

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