Reporting Back: November 2010 On-the-Ground Question

The November question: Who has been least accepting of you not wanting kids?

4 thoughts on “Reporting Back: November 2010 On-the-Ground Question

  1. I work in a hospital and am around woman all day. They are by far the least accepting of anyone I have told. One even said to me “Bob, your sick, you need help.” But when I ask them why they have/want kids, no one can give me an answer.

    1. Bob, Yes, interesting, isn’t it…The question, Why do you Want kids? sure needs to be asked more often as part of making a responsible parenthood decision! ~L

  2. Strangely, for me, it has been strangers or casual aquaintances. I don’t usually offer up the fact that my husband and I don’t have kids because we don’t want them, but if someone asks why we don’t have any, I will tell them. The reactions range from shock and confusion, to almost a kind of disappointment, which I really don’t understand. I think maybe it’s just outside of some people’s comfort zones. Fortunately, our families have been very supportive. They know it’s simply not for us.

  3. The only times I have had some problems is on some online message boards when the topic has arisen, usually when a discussion on something else drifts into the area of wanting kids.

    Being retired at 45 two years ago, I have been posting on some early retirement boards and blogs, so my being childfree as a big reason for being an early retiree is often brought out. Sometimes, I get bingoed.

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