Q & A with the Author of the Book, Planned UnParenthood

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I recently had the pleasure of asking Planned UnParenthood author Dann Alexander a few questions about himself and his book. There are a lot of books out there now about the childfree choice, but not many address the topic from a childfree man’s perspective. In Families of Two, we get real talk from childfree guys who were interviewed, but with Planned UnParenthood, Dann is the author; he might just be the only guy who has written a book on this topic! So here’s Dann – 

What inspired you to write Planned UnParenthood: Creating a Life Without Procreating?

Planned UnParenthood was my first workable book idea. For so long I had wanted to write a book. Many ideas just did not seem to fit what I wanted to achieve at the time. It was at a busy family gathering that I realized perhaps something written from a male perspective about not having children would be really great. I started the outline notes the very next day and spent over a year writing and revising it. I was long into working on the revisions when I realized that my book would be the first about living childfree written from the male perspective.

What are childfree guys saying about your book?

Childfree men and childfree people who have read the book are saying “thank you.” They say I am saying what they want to say. It’s giving a voice to the cause.

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What is your next writing project?

My next writing project is determining my next writing project! Seriously, there is always something on the go. I am actively pursuing new opportunities in the freelance business. I enjoy every aspect of it and the constant amount of learning that is involved with it. I have another book out which is a collection of short satirical fiction called Throwing Dice.  It was a great writing outlet for humour while I was editing Planned UnParenthood.  There is also a novel script on my desktop and I hope to finish it one day, as it is an interesting story that will appeal to many people. So there is lots of content creation going on.

What kind of freelance work do you do? In my freelance business, I have written and edited content for various client websites on a variety of topics. I had the pleasure of writing material for a stand-up comedian and motivational speaker, which was a great experience. I would do that again! Working with clients who want good content, or who need someone to revise and edit something is enjoyable. The word business is wonderful.

Thank you, Dann!

You can find him at http://dannalexander.wordpress.com/ Twitter @WriterDann

7 thoughts on “Q & A with the Author of the Book, Planned UnParenthood

  1. I ordered the paper version of Dann’s book on Amazon and look forward to reading it. All the books I have read so far on the subject of being childless/childfree have been written by women and so it will be quite interesting to read a book from a man’s perspective. Dann will also feature on nonparents.com in the coming days and I am hoping to add his book to the ‘must read’ list of books on this subject. I am always on the look out for great books to recommend to the site’s users and hopefully Dann’s book will be another one.

    1. Hi Nina! I will look forward to hearing your experience of Dann’s book. His is really the only by a childfree guy out there that I have found….Best! Laura

  2. I finished his book a few days ago and I can’t say I was terribly impressed. I’d give it a B. There wasn’t anything terribly new or groundbreaking that I didn’t really know already. Compare that to Elinor Burkett’s “Baby Boon” which was a far more fascinating read.

    1. Hi Deegee, Thanks for the reactions. You are a well-versed childfree guy 🙂 I think for guys who are just learning about this whole topi and choice, it will be very useful. All too often childfree books are by women, so guys who have made this choice or are considering it may very well appreciate the childfree man’s voice and perspective. ~L

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