A Review of The Baby Matrix: “Why the Idea of Pronatalism is a Dangerous One”

I come from a rather large family – some of my recent ancestors having as many as eighteen children, but just because I grew up with two siblings, tons of cousins, and a plethora of branches on my family tree does not mean that I am obligated to “go forth and multiply”. Do not get […]

Pronatalism’s Role in Reaching a Global Environmental Tipping Point

Last post I talked about the pronatal “Right to Reproduce” Assumption in The Baby Matrix.  Results of a two year scientific analysis that has just come out leads right to another pronatal Assumption I take  on – I call it the “Offspring” Assumption. First a bit on the sobering analysis:

Pronatalism’s Influence on the Motherhood Decision

In The Baby Matrix, I talk about about how pronatalism is all around us.  Here’s an example that has to do with a woman who is struggling with her uncertainly about becoming a mother. In an article by Nina Jacinto, “Loving So Much It Hurts: Why I’m Not Sure I Can Be a Mom” here […]

How Forced Birth Laws Reflect One Belief about When Human Life Begins

This is Part I of II on discussion of issues behind and impacts of forced birth laws: With the recent wave of anti-abortion laws in America as a clear attempt of anti-abortion proponents to reverse Roe v. Wade, kudos to the public radio program, Here & Now, for recently addressing a cornerstone of these laws […]

Falling Birth Rates: Applaud, Not Blame a “Culture of Caution”

In The Washington Free Beacon’s recent article, “American Fertility Hits Historical Low: Economist blames culture of caution” Charles Fain Lehman lays out some new data on falling birth rates in America. According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control, the “American birth rate tied its historical low in the first nine months of […]

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