The Childfree, Cultural Identity and Intracultural Diversity

A Guest Post by Kimya Dennis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Salem College A recent “What Would a Feminist Do?” podcast featured Meghan Daum and Danielle Henderson. They shared their perspectives, experiences and writings regarding the childfree—people who choose not to have biological and adopted children. I found the podcast interesting and greatly appreciated it. It is […]

Childfree International: Inside the Only Online Childfree Discussion Forum in Israel

In addition to meeting Orna Donath as part of being interviewed on Israel’s only online childfree forum, “Women Who Don’t Want Children,” I met Anat, a delightful Israeli woman who has monitored this forum for the last five years. I just had to ask her for some inside scoop on this forum and members’ take […]

Such a Thing as a Pro-Life Feminist? Not!

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, is being “heralded as …the vanguard of a new breed of ‘pro-women, pro-life’ feminists” in the mold of Sarah Palin’s conservative pro-life agenda. And she’s not the only one in this so called new breed–in the recent primaries, Sharron […]