About Laura

At this point in my 30+ year professional life, I am mostly focusing on my nonfiction book work.  My career has included: Master’s in Psychology and Communications Over 10 years experience in business psychology, specializing in employee selection, training & development, and seminar leadership. Over 15 years in litigation psychology and communications, including mock trials, […]

The Childfree Wife

Shani Orgad, Associate Professor in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science, has a recent interesting piece on theconversation.com. Titled “’Wifehood’ is not old-fashioned–here’s why it matters,” she discusses what wifehood means in today’s marriages, but focuses on the marital context that includes motherhood.  What is ‘wifehood’ or the role […]

Procreative Ethics, Pronatalism, and the Childfree Choice

I sure love that we are seeing more pieces like this one: “Would you give up having children to save the planet? Meet the couples who have.” While all people don’t “give up” having children, I do like that it discusses the larger picture of bringing another biological child into the world.

A Global Look at Not Having Children

At the beginning of January, some interesting ‘not having children’ numbers came out regarding women in their 40s.  This Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) table gives a succinct summary: 

Smart Talk about Conversing with Childless and Childfree Women

We see a lot of pieces out there with titles including “X number of things” to do/not to do or say/not to say regarding childless and childfree people, but a piece by Helene Tragos Stelian is one of the smartest I have seen in a while.

Talking Pronatalism on the Podcast, This is Home

Check out the latest This is Home podcast just up today that talks about the choice to not have children. I had a great interview with Producer/Co-Host Erica Gerard, and was happy to be part of this podcast! The mission of the This is Home podcast is to “tell stories that expand the understanding of what […]

Looking Back: Positive Childfree Trends in 2016

At the beginning of 2016, I took stock of 40+ years of talking about the childfree choice. As we near the end of this year, I’d like to do the same just for this  past year, and this time widen the discussion a bit.  What positive trends have we seen this past year? Here are […]

Expanding Public Libraries’ Marketing Reach to Adults Without Children

I was recently contacted by Tatiana Weinstein, Assistant Director/Director of Adult Services in the Lisle, IL Library District, about an August feature article she published in the national magazine, Public Libraries Online. She speaks to her colleagues on an excellent topic: the need to widen libraries’ marketing reach to adults without children. With her permission, I […]