Finding Childfree Singles to Date: Start with Meeting of Literary Minds?

Thanks to all who have written in so far on this month’s On-the-Ground question about their experience with childfree dating.  Some great stories and unique ideas coming in~keep ’em coming–Will report back at the end of the month! One idea relates to singles in general–get involved in groups or organizations that are up to things you are interested in to meet like minds.  Here is an example of this I came across that’s combined with speed dating:

Literary speed dating.  The San Francisco Library has recently started hosting free literary speed dating events, for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), and straight groups, and they will be doing more of them. Librarian Donya Drummond says that “This is changing the image of the library, showing that it can be a social place and not just a studious place.”

But what’s it like? From what I can gather, fellow book lovers bring a book they like, ready to talk a bit about why they like it and ask why the person they are meeting why chose to bring the book they did..and whatever else they can talk about in five minutes.  Now likely you  won’t get the the kid question, but it seems it can be a way to start with a meeting of literary minds, and see where it takes you.

Speed dating may not be for everyone–often more shy and reserved types find this way of meeting folks to be nerve racking.  But this kind of event strikes as one that could draw more introverted types who love books.  Will you go home with some names and numbers of potential literary like minds?  Like one of the attendees said, you may not find love but maybe a good <co-ed> book club, and who knows who you’ll potentially meet there…

In any case, I like the idea. If I were single, I’d check it out. In fact, maybe even a “regular” speed dating event.  Is it too far fetched to get one’s childfree status out in the first couple of minutes?

Have you heard of literary speed dating in your area or other similar spins on the idea?

4 thoughts on “Finding Childfree Singles to Date: Start with Meeting of Literary Minds?

  1. Literary speed dating sounds great!

    I have done regular speed dating once before, and even though I’m an introvert, I actually liked it. You do talk to many guys in one night, but each conversation is no longer than 5 minutes. So I can essentially just repeat the same thing over and over instead of trying to talk to one guy for 45 minutes. I’ve been on “regular” dates that should have ended at minute 5…

    I didn’t bring up children during Speed Dating. I just try to keep it light and fun and figured I would just bring it up on date 2, if I got a date 2 (which I didn’t anyway).

    1. Christine, bringing up kids on the date as opposed to the speed date does sound reasonable. I also had the thought one could bring a book that somehow has a character, a theme, or something related to having no kids by choice that s/he could bring up as part of why they liked the book…now there may not e a lot out of books to choose from there but I do hear about it, e.g., the recent release of Freedom…..

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    Then this is the right group for you!

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