Childfree Travel Excerpt #2

Laura Carroll, childfree choice

Following from my last vlog that reported back on the November On-the-Ground question on childfree travel, I got so many great travel stories that I decided to post some excerpts over the course of this month. Here’s the second installment:

“Our trip to Belize was pretty awesome. We stayed in an open aire cabana and spent most of the time going on excursions and hikes. The year after that was New Mexico where we spent lots of days on 5+ hour hikes in the desert, went to spas and partied in town on the alternate days.”

“We went to “Orkney in the summer and stayed at a hotel close to the Ring of Brodgar, and had a tour of an archeological dig the next day. I can’t imagine most kids being happy to trail round a heap of rocks listening to someone talk about carbon dating of artifacts.”

“One of my favorite adventures so far was a trip to Tokyo with my sister. We found a fantastic deal, but there was a catch; the only available flight left in 6 days! It was so much fun to throw together some last-minute items, fly half-way around the world, and wander the city with only a guidebook in hand.”

“My best childfree trip was with my husband on our honeymoon. We traveled to Tofino, British Columbia in April (dead season). We stayed at an amazing hotel called the Wickaninnish Inn and and ate at their award-winning restaurant. During the days, we hiked through the rain forests and explored the beaches. At night, we drank wine, watched the natural beauty outside of our room, and had quality time. I don’t know if it was the season or the quality (high price) of the hotel where we stayed, but we did not encounter one child during our entire trip. It was the perfect wedding present!”

Been to any of these places and have stories to tell?

2 thoughts on “Childfree Travel Excerpt #2

  1. My husband and I have been to Costa Rica twice so far. The first time it was for his family reunion, so there were definitely kids there. It was kind of a pain, because we were all expected to stick together, and we had to do stuff the kids would like (like zip-lining, and just staying by the hotel pool.) While these aren’t all together horrible activities, as a Biologist, I would have preferred to do more of the ecotourism.

    So, my husband and I went back alone the next year. We got to hike through the rainforest, hike up the old lava flows from the Arenal volcano, and go swimming next to a very beautiful waterfall (that the kids would never have gone in because the water was “too cold.”)

    Our last trip alone was so enjoyable, we are contemplating buying a little place there (something I doubt we could afford if we had a kid).

    Also, as your one reader noted, we didn’t see any kids at our hotel either. It was a pretty expensive place with cabinitas spread out all over the grounds, which is not an ideal place to try to keep an eye on your kids. That’s why I picked it 🙂

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