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Finding and Feeling Your “Voice”

Opera Legend Jessye Norman has new memoir out, and I caught a lovely interview with her by PBS Newshour’s Jeffrey Brown.  In it, I was struck by how some of the things she said about finding the sound and feel of one’s voice relate to writers finding their written “voice.”  Continue reading “Finding and Feeling Your “Voice””

What Is the Right Word Count for Nonfiction?

I am about to start Alan Weisman’s latest book, Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope For a Future on Earth? But I have to admit, the Index starting at almost the 500th page makes me wonder – Did this book need to be this long? As an editor, here is one of my favorite sayings about book lengths: Continue reading “What Is the Right Word Count for Nonfiction?”

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Costs That Come with Becoming an Indie Author

In the last several years the publishing industry has seen many changes. The advent of print-on-demand technology and e-reader tablets are just two things that have changed publishing forever.  Digital technology in publishing has also made it easier for writers to …

Continue reading “Costs That Come with Becoming an Indie Author”

Writing Worthy Works of Nonfiction

As a childfree choice expert, a couple of years ago the Wall Street Journal asked if I would respond to a piece by Bryan Caplan related to his book, Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids.  We had our different points of view to be sure, but the other day I ran across another short piece by him on writing worthy nonfiction. Here we agree on some key ideas and tips: Continue reading “Writing Worthy Works of Nonfiction”

Tips on Being Your Own Best Editor

In our personal or professional lives, there is no substitute for having excellent writing skills. However, just as important are editing skills. If you imagine creating a sculpture, writing gives the sculpture form. Editing, on the other hand, perfects it into its final form. Unlike sculpture though, writing and editing are two very different skills.    

In finalizing any kind of written communication, here are five tips for being your own best editor: Continue reading “Tips on Being Your Own Best Editor”