The Darkside of Catholicism

Some research suggests that the childfree tend not to be religious people (I have seen lots who are however)–When it comes to the recent pedophilia scandal in the Catholic church I can see why..I’ve been an “ex-Catholic” for years.  Among many things this church teaches, I find troubling their long held positions that… Continue reading “The Darkside of Catholicism”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

Desire to be Childfree–Is it Hormonal?

Reading an Australian childless by choice article I ran across something for the first time. Sexologist and associate professor of health psychology at James Cook University, Dr Frances Quirk thinks a reason many of us don’t feel our raison d’être is to pump out rounds of “mini-me’s” has to do with our hormones– Continue reading “Desire to be Childfree–Is it Hormonal?”

Talking the Truth About Being a Mom

Mailonline has an interesting article by Lucy Cavendish, “I love my kids, but I admit it-I’m happier on my own!”  She talks about how she loves her kids but has to admit her moments of “genuine bliss” do not revolve around being a mother. As you might expect,  Continue reading “Talking the Truth About Being a Mom”

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A “Momversation’s” View of the Childfree

I am struck by a “momversation” video on Three mothers share their views on people who have chosen not to have children.  One woman, Heather, says she cruised lots of childfree blogs and sites and got the impression that childless by choice folks are  “angry.”   I had to post a comment–

Continue reading “A “Momversation’s” View of the Childfree”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

More on Happiness in 2010: Not So for Women?

Just a few days ago (December 30) I posted on Dr. Robert Holden, who contends that while we are chasing after happiness more than ever, our happiness levels have not risen in recent years. Turns out there is a lot more evidence about happiness levels for men and women not only in recent years, but in the last 40 yearsMarcus Buckingham’s article, “What’s Happening to Women’s Happiness?”  sheds some amazing light on women’s happiness. Continue reading “More on Happiness in 2010: Not So for Women?”