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One Woman’s Journey from Childless to Childfree

I recently had an exchange with a woman who wrote in response to this month’s On-the-Ground Question: Who has been least accepting of you not wanting kids? She said that she’d have to say her infertile friends. She has wanted kids, has been in the process of accepting she can’t have them, and her child”free” status is a recent development. I asked her if she would be willing to tell me more about her journey from childless to childfree.. Continue reading “One Woman’s Journey from Childless to Childfree”

Reporting Back: September 2010 On-The-Ground Question

The September question: Was there ever a time in your adult life when you thought you wanted kids? If so, what changed your mind? Here’s what you said and the tee up to next month’s question:

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On the Psychology of Desire for Kids – and Not

There’s been some ink out there of late on how not having kids is the greenest thing a person can do to help the planet. Less do we read how those who really want to do the green thing deal with also really wanting kids.  Writer and ecological advocate Shannon Hayes talks about her road to stopping at two kids, and her story illustrates two key points about how and why we decide to have kids or not. Continue reading “On the Psychology of Desire for Kids – and Not”

The Childfree Personality–Are We More Introverted?

Psychology Today has an intriguing article on the topic of introversion. Even in our extrovert-oriented society, national samples suggest that introverts make up about half of the U.S. population –using Carl Jung’s definition of introversion, that is. However, the article discusses the many faces of introversion… Continue reading “The Childfree Personality–Are We More Introverted?”

Reporting Back: August 2010 On-the-Ground Question

The August question was: Enough about the myth that the childfree are selfish because they don’t have kids. How can parents be selfish? What are signs of a selfish parent? Here is what you said and the tee up to next months question.

The BBC Does Childless by Choice

On July 28th, BBC radio’s Woman’s Hour did a show on women who are childless by choice in the UK and Europe.

Dr. Catherine Hakim, Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics, baby coach Beth Follini, writer Cristina Odone and Melanie Notkin, the creator of SavvyAuntie discuss some of the usual topics on the childfree, but make a number of interesting points, especially when you compare it to what’s happening in the United States. Here are 10 points that stand out: Continue reading “The BBC Does Childless by Choice”

Reasons and Real Reasons for Becoming Parents

On the other side of  the Italian catholic church and government thinking their declining population is a crisis, are the members of a group that think a declining population is just what we fact, they think the best thing for humans to do is to stop reproducing all together right now to allow the earth’s biosphere to return to good health.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT) might have radical ideas,

Continue reading “Reasons and Real Reasons for Becoming Parents”

Parenthood versus Childfree Part V

And last, the fifth area from Alison Cameron’s article, “Do children really make us happy? Alison Cameron compares parenthood with a childfree life” from Sydney Australia’s, The Sun Herald.  The last one:  Sense of Purpose.

From the article: Everyone needs meaning in their life and, in 2006, Florida State University found parents had ..

Continue reading “Parenthood versus Childfree Part V”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

Parenthood versus the Childfree Life Part I

A contributor to this blog forwarded an article to me recently that appeared in Sydney, Australia’s, The Sun Herald. It did not appear online.  It’s titled, “Do children really make us happy? Alison Cameron compares parenthood with a childfree life.” Author Alison Cameron spoke to Australian parents, the childfree, and looked at international research to find out who are the “winner and losers,” parents or childfree, in five different areas.  The next five posts will take each area one at a time.  First, the quoted content from Cameron’s article.  The first area: Money. Continue reading “Parenthood versus the Childfree Life Part I”