What’s Scariest About Proposed Pro-Life Bills

The recent number of proposed anti-abortion bills is alarming.

Not only does the House want to go after all funding for Planned Parenthood even though by law no government funds can be used for abortions services already, but… Continue reading “What’s Scariest About Proposed Pro-Life Bills”

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The Real Reason for the Attempt to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

The House recently debated an amendment that would severely impact family planning our country. It would cut off funding for Planned Parenthood. But the bill would do more than this–it would kill “Title X” … Continue reading “The Real Reason for the Attempt to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding”

How Scandal Can Inspire Gender Equality

There is a lot out there on the gender equality issue in politics and business, including the issue that there aren’t enough women, moms or not, in high level positions. Headline Italy—it seems the sex scandal with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has inspired a move toward gender equality at high levels of business.

A recent article by Flaivia Krause-Jackson and Chiara Remondini indicates that “the plight of women in Italy trails the rest of Europe in almost every indicator of gender equality. That might change when it comes to… Continue reading “How Scandal Can Inspire Gender Equality”

Bennies & Inequities of Paid Family Leave

A recent editorial by Jeremy Adam Smith, author of the Daddy Shift makes a great case for how paid family leave is not only good for business, but is “good for guys and their marriages.” A new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research indicates that… Continue reading “Bennies & Inequities of Paid Family Leave”

Who Should Pay More Taxes–Parents or Childfree?

The question whether those with no children should pay the same taxes as parents in our society can generate quite the debate.

Childfreedom recently did an interesting poll about whether the childfree should contribute to property and school taxes. Most said the childfree should contribute but not pay as much as households with children.  What do you think?

On the deficit channel, the bipartisan deficit panel has just recommended that the child tax credit be eliminated as part of cutting the huge U.S. deficit.  I say this should be the case, deficit or not.

But in this article, some think the childfree should pay more taxes. Why? Because supposedly we can afford to pay more! That notion… generated some havoc … Continue reading “Who Should Pay More Taxes–Parents or Childfree?”

WA Post Ruth Marcus Gets it! Fallin, Put Down the Mommy Card

Postscript to my last two posts that I just have to pass on–thanks to a visitor of this blog who sent me an article by Ruth Marcus, Washington Post columnist on Mary Fallin pulling the mommy card with Jari Askins. Both are running for governor in Oklahoma.

I especially like Marcus’ comments about if Fallin’s opponent was a man:

“If Fallin were running against an unmarried man, the I’m-a-parent-and-you’re-not card wouldn’t be quite so loaded: A ‘childless’ female candidate tends to be perceived as lacking in an essential way that a man without children is not. And if Askins’ opponent were a married father, he would probably be smarter than to bring up her marital and maternal status for fear of the ensuing backlash.”

Here’s the rest of Marcus’ take:

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Oklahoma Governor’s Race Part II: Is Motherhood a Qualification?

More on the governor’s race in Oklahoma with Republican candidate Mary Fallin and Democratic candidate Jari Askins.  Fallin has claimed motherhood is what makes her more qualified, and she’s received push back on this.

Good Morning America took up the issue this week. Askins and Fallin were invited to be interviewed, and Fallin respectfully declined.  Askins articulately speaks to why political mommy wars is irrelevant and off focus.  My favorite comment by Askins–

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Single and Childfree in Race for Oklahoma Governor

In previous posts I’ve lamented about how women political and judicial candidates get criticized for not being mothers–somehow being childfree makes them less qualified.   Well,  the issue is up again with the current Oklahoma governor’s race.

Democrat Jari Askins  and Republican Mary Fallin are running to become the state’s first female governor.  Gasp! Askins has never been a wife or mother. But could Fallin be taking the issue too far?

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