Why How to “Have It All” Advice Comes Up Short

How women can achieve work-life balance and “have it all” remains a hot topic, and some high powered women have lots to say about it. Take Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sheryl Sandberg.  Named Forbes magazine 5th most powerful woman in the world and Fortune‘s 12th most powerful women in business, she believes a key to having it all “starts with Continue reading “Why How to “Have It All” Advice Comes Up Short”

Being Told You’ll Change Your Mind -Let’s Put it to Rest!

Slate recently asked to hear from the childfree who are happy, and they have been posting on what they’ve received. “Combing through the nearly 300 submissions”, one of the posts talked about how “a constant refrain jumps out: People with kids do not believe people without kids when they say they will never have kids.” I want to put this notion to rest, but before I do… Continue reading “Being Told You’ll Change Your Mind -Let’s Put it to Rest!”

One of the Greatest War Correspondents of the 20th Century: Martha Gellhorn

In theme with Memorial Day, USA Today highlighted a new HBO movie, Hemingway & Gellhorn, starring Clive Owen as Hemingway, and Nicole Kidman as Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway’s his third wife. Gellhorn had an amazing life.  As Nicole Kidman says, “Her main thrust as a woman was not as a mother or a wife. It was as…  Continue reading “One of the Greatest War Correspondents of the 20th Century: Martha Gellhorn”

Reporting Back: The March 2012 On-the-Ground Question

In part as a nod to Women’s History month, the March On-the-Ground Question was:

Who is your favorite childfree woman and why? She can be dead or alive, famous or not, someone you know personally, any childfree woman!

Here’s what you said:

The April Question is:

What do you get the most from participating in online childfree communities? And in your opinion, how could the online childfree community improve as a whole?

The Many Women in History Who Got It–that Motherhood is Optional

Have you seen the collage of never-mom women from history (and some still alive) on pinterest? Olivia Reading has done a great job. It’s Women’s History Month, and I find it inspiring!  Check it out, and maybe it will inspire your answer to this month’s On-the-Ground Question.   Simone de Beauvoir (pictured) is one of mine… Continue reading “The Many Women in History Who Got It–that Motherhood is Optional”

Beyond the Baby Bump: Birth is Big Business

A  recent article in TIME magazine, “The 1% Birth. Why baby Beyonces are little profit center for hospitals” struck me as an example of the power of pronatalism. Why?  Birth is big business…and particularly “luxe” birth. Continue reading “Beyond the Baby Bump: Birth is Big Business”

The Duggars at 20!

I know this blog steers clear of rant, but when I saw headlines applauding Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s announcement that they are pregnant with #20, I did want to pound some keys here and rant. I have calmed down, and land with these thoughts… Continue reading “The Duggars at 20!”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

Gloucester-18 Documentary: Producer Interview Part II

Continuing my interview with producer, Kristen Grieco Elworthy on the teen pregnancy story that made international headlines and is now a documentary:

Why did those who got pregnant want to get pregnant as a teen?

What was my own observation, as a woman about 10 years older than these girls who personally put college/career above having kids? I saw some level of girls who did not have an identity or maybe did not feel that they were “good” at anything, and motherhood was an answer for them. As women, we are told that we all have the capability to be a good mother. Imagine the draw of that… Continue reading “Gloucester-18 Documentary: Producer Interview Part II”