Being Childfree in Israel: An Interview With Israeli Author Orna Donath

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to be a guest on the childfree online forum in Israel called, “Women Who Don’t Want Children.” As part of this experience, I had the opportunity to meet Orna Donath, an author of a recently released book, Making a Choice: Being Childfree in Israel.  I interviewed her about her book and being childfree in Israel. Continue reading “Being Childfree in Israel: An Interview With Israeli Author Orna Donath”

The StopAtTwo Solution to the Population Problem

My interest in world population issues recently led me to John Taves. He runs Pacific Northwest Software and, but he’s also consumed with solving the world’s population problem. He is an example of the famous Margaret Mead quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Continue reading “The StopAtTwo Solution to the Population Problem”

One Wise 100 Year Old Man

I am sure you’ve all seen pieces on the lives of some of the oldest people on the planet.  They are generally asked, “What are the secrets to a long and healthy life?” Well, Dr. Ephraim, a rheumatologist, recently did the same for the San Francisco Chronicle on his 100th birthday.  For the first time that I have ever seen, what do you think was on the list? Continue reading “One Wise 100 Year Old Man”

Laura Carroll

Her memoir goes into the 60 Minutes debacle!

How Did 60 Minutes Treat the Childfree in 1974? Meet Marcia Drut-Davis

In my search for people involved with the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood (NAOP) that was in existence in the 70-80s, I recently found a wonderful woman named Marcia Drut-Davis.  Continue reading “How Did 60 Minutes Treat the Childfree in 1974? Meet Marcia Drut-Davis”

Molly Peacock

The Writing of Childfree Author Molly Peacock

I recently asked childfree author Molly Peacock if she would answer few questions about her writing she’d be willing to share here. Thankfully she agreed! She is a poet, and author of a memoir and an upcoming biography of an amazing woman from the 18th century–with no children.

I asked her how being childfree influenced her story in her memoir, Paradise, Piece by Piece, how it has shown up in her poetry, and how it influenced the life of Mary Delaney, the subject of her upcoming release, The Paper GardenContinue reading “The Writing of Childfree Author Molly Peacock”

More on Childfree Guys: Check Out the Good Men Project

There is an interesting new e-magazine out there for guys: The Good Men Project.  The editors describe what they are about: “We suppose we are difficult magazine to categorize, and that’s exactly how we like it. We’re not interested in… Continue reading “More on Childfree Guys: Check Out the Good Men Project”

Families of Two’s Couple Erin and Jeff a Decade Later

I recently reconnected with Erin and Jeff, one of the couples interviewed in Families of Two. They also appeared on The Early Show with me. At the time Families of Two came out, they had been married for 12 years–so now 22. They are both teachers. I asked them a few questions regarding their childfree status a decade later. Here are their thoughts… Continue reading “Families of Two’s Couple Erin and Jeff a Decade Later”

Oprah Finally Talks about No Kids

Last night I caught Barbara Walters interview with Oprah. Along with dispelling silly rumors that have been floating around that she is a lesbian, I was pleasantly surprised that she talked about why she never had kids.

In 2000 I came so close to being on Oprah…The reason she ultimately did not have me on her show when Families of Two came out? I was told that she decided she did not want to talk about why she had no kids. She has said that the girls at her African school are her kids, but has not said much personally about it over the years. But last night she did give a few details….

Continue reading “Oprah Finally Talks about No Kids”

The Childfree in Fiction

Where are the characters in novels that have no children by choice? They’re out there. Take novelist JoAnne Soper-Cook. This is one of her books on the left  -but more on her in a minute. The review of British author P.D. James by Lori Bradley of BellaOnline inspired me to put word out on where the childfree characters in novels are.  First, on James, Continue reading “The Childfree in Fiction”

On Childfree Renee Zellweger and Those Writing About Her

In the November edition in Harper’s Bazaar UK, Renee Zellweger is not only looking great on the cover but she speaks to not wanting kids in her interview.  She says that motherhood has never been an “ambition” for her.  Think about the use of the word “ambition” when it comes to having a baby. gives the definition of ambition as… Continue reading “On Childfree Renee Zellweger and Those Writing About Her”