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The Childfree Genre: Bring on More Interviews & Essay Collections

I was delighted to see Henriette Mantel in last Sunday’s Chicago Tribune Lifestyles section in Heidi Steven’s piece, “Childless Writers Address Choice to Forego Parenthood.”  Stevens closes with a great quote: Continue reading “The Childfree Genre: Bring on More Interviews & Essay Collections”

Laura Carroll

Her memoir goes into the 60 Minutes debacle!

Confessions of a Childfree Woman

Confessions of a Childfree Woman fills a needed niche of nonfiction writings on having no children by choice. Marcia Drut-Davis’ memoir gives us an up close and personal story from who we don’t hear enough from in the childfree community – the elder childfree. And she tells us has an unforgettable story about her appearance on 60 MinutesContinue reading “Confessions of a Childfree Woman”

Using Humor to Squelch, Not Reinforce Childfree Stereotypes

When I first saw the title of Jen Kirkman’s new book, I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids, I sighed. On the upside, I loved the idea that there was a new book out by a great female comedian who was childfree. Following the childfree for over a decade now and being committed to increasing its acceptance in society, I’ve seen coming in through the door of humor to be a great way to increase awareness and educate about the childfree choice. Why did I sigh? Continue reading “Using Humor to Squelch, Not Reinforce Childfree Stereotypes”

Why Ashley Judd is Childfree

I am reading Ashley Judd’s memoir, All That is Bitter & Sweet. I have been a big fan of her acting work, and now learning more about her international humanitarian work –  Amazing and inspiring.  And she is childfree – Early on in the book she describes why she chose not to have children… Continue reading “Why Ashley Judd is Childfree”

Being Childfree in Israel: An Interview With Israeli Author Orna Donath

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to be a guest on the childfree online forum in Israel called, “Women Who Don’t Want Children.” As part of this experience, I had the opportunity to meet Orna Donath, an author of a recently released book, Making a Choice: Being Childfree in Israel.  I interviewed her about her book and being childfree in Israel. Continue reading “Being Childfree in Israel: An Interview With Israeli Author Orna Donath”

Portrayal of the Childfree in Textbooks

There is a new bill in California, SB48, that seeks to include “gay and lesbian contributions to our history,”  and “adds religion and physical disability to the list of characteristics for which instructional materials must not ‘reflect adversely’ – just as current law prohibits schools from making negative portrayals on the basis of race, gender or national origin.” This made me wonder: What about negative portrayals on the basis of reproductive choice– Continue reading “Portrayal of the Childfree in Textbooks”

Book Review: The Slap

I’m always on the look out for books with characters with no children by choice, not just for their childfree status, but more how their characters contribute to the story.

One of this blog’s childfree-related article sleuths was kind enough to write a review on a provocative book she recently read that fits this childfree character bill. The book is called The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas, and here’s what she thought: Continue reading “Book Review: The Slap”

Molly Peacock

The Writing of Childfree Author Molly Peacock

I recently asked childfree author Molly Peacock if she would answer few questions about her writing she’d be willing to share here. Thankfully she agreed! She is a poet, and author of a memoir and an upcoming biography of an amazing woman from the 18th century–with no children.

I asked her how being childfree influenced her story in her memoir, Paradise, Piece by Piece, how it has shown up in her poetry, and how it influenced the life of Mary Delaney, the subject of her upcoming release, The Paper GardenContinue reading “The Writing of Childfree Author Molly Peacock”

The Childfree in Fiction

Where are the characters in novels that have no children by choice? They’re out there. Take novelist JoAnne Soper-Cook. This is one of her books on the left  -but more on her in a minute. The review of British author P.D. James by Lori Bradley of BellaOnline inspired me to put word out on where the childfree characters in novels are.  First, on James, Continue reading “The Childfree in Fiction”