In addition to my editorial work, I write nonfiction:

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Families of Two

Laura's books

I’m the author of Families of Two: Interviews With Happily Married Couples Without Children by Choice, (2000) which received international acclaim and paved the way for me to become one of the leading voices and experts on the childfree choice. I ran the popular blog, La Vie Childfree, and below you can find archives of my childfree blog writings, as well as stay up on the latest in childfree choice issues. I have a Master’s in Psychology and Communications, and for over the last decade I have researched the childfree. I have interviewed and talked with thousands who have made this choice.
* 2nd edition currently in development!

The Baby Matrix

Laura's Books

After publishing Families of Two, I began digging into why society continues to find this choice hard to fully accept, which inspired my book, The Baby Matrix: Why Freeing Our Minds From Outmoded Thinking About Parenthood & Reproduction Will Create a Better World (2012).

Man Swarm

Laura's books
Finalist, 2015 Indie Author Book of the Year Awards

Laura's Books

In researching The Baby Matrix I learned learn a lot about overpopulation issues, and led me to renowned conservationist Dave Foreman, who I collaborated with to develop Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World (2015). 

As part of showing that overpopulation is real and solvable, this book looks at the ways in which outmoded thinking about parenthood and reproduction affects the world’s ongoing population explosion.

Laura's Books
2016 Finalist Award

Finding Fulfillment From The Inside Out

Laura's Books

My first book was an outgrowth of an early chapter of my career, when I counseled people people who had been laid off from their jobs. The book lays out a process I used to help my clients find purpose and meaning, from the inside out.