Looking Back: 2019 Childfree Trending

As this year comes to a close, it’s time to talk 2019 childfree trending! I’ve researched and tracked the childfree choice and those who make it for 20 years now, and can say that in the past year, online and everywhere the childfree community has continued to grow. This choice continues to be talked about […]

The Childfree & Treats to Trick-or-Treaters

I sure remember loving Halloween when I was a kid. I loved figuring out my costume and carving a scary pumpkin.I had no clue of the roots of this holiday, and I bet that’s the case for most kids today. Of course I loved being able to run around the neighborhood with friends, stopping at every […]

Your Turn to do a “My Take”: The 2019 Childfree Poll!

Deadline was December 24, 2019 ~Stay tuned for results! Help Take the 2019 Pulse and Answer the Questions Below: Deadline to respond: December 24th! The first time I did this poll in late 2012, I received over 600 responses. Let’s beat that number this time. Please share!

The Childfree, Rage, and the Fight to Keep our Reproductive Rights

Rebecca Traister’s recent piece on The Cut, “Our Fury Over Abortion Was Dismissed for Decades As Hysterical,” hits hard and directly as what we must do to fight for our reproductive rights in this time of aggressive abortion ban attempts, which ultimately seek to overturn Roe v Wade.

Have a Story About Your Childfree Life? Filmmaker Alexey Brazhnikov Wants to Talk With You

I am thrilled to see the recent rise in documentary films related to the childfree choice. Laura Scott’s film, The Childless by Choice Project led the way in 2010, and Magenta Baribeau’s Maman? Non merci! (No Kids For Me, Thanks!) won a Best Feature Film Award in 2016.