Canadians: Taking a Closer Look at New Childless Census Data

Canada released some additional 2011 Census numbers this week.  They include statistics on a variety of demographics, including rises in same-sex marriages and common-law relationships.  When it comes to numbers relating to the “childless” a little dissection is needed, as well as reaction to some media commentary. Check it out.

U.S. Census Fertility Pattern Data Part II

Here’s more from the U.S. Census newly released report, “Fertility of American Women.”  Data was collected from three million households in 2008. My last post spoke to data on women with no children.  Here are some numbers I found interesting regarding women who are having children in our country:

Hot off the Press: Latest Childless Data from the U.S. Census

The U.S. Census released a new report this month, “Fertility of American Women.” It used data collected from American women in 2008. It looks at fertility patterns from a number of different angles, but I want to start with data on women with no children.  I’ll do a Part II with interesting data highlights on […]

Understanding the “Whole of Women’s Reproductive Lives”

Pew Research Center recently came out with an interesting report on the numbers of women having children. Based primarily on data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s June Supplement of the Current Population Survey, Pew Research Center collected “completed fertility” data on “…women who are now 40 to 44 who have had a baby.” The data […]

Not Having Kids: From Moral Outrage toward Moral Duty

One particular phrase relating to a study that came out last spring continues to pop up online: moral outrage. The study, “Parenthood as a Moral Imperative? Moral Outrage and the Stigmatization of Voluntarily Childfree Women and Men” has a finding that not having children by choice “inspires moral outrage in others.” While the study’s author Leslie […]

Expanding Public Libraries’ Marketing Reach to Adults Without Children

I was recently contacted by Tatiana Weinstein, Assistant Director/Director of Adult Services in the Lisle, IL Library District, about an August feature article she published in the national magazine, Public Libraries Online. She speaks to her colleagues on an excellent topic: the need to widen libraries’ marketing reach to adults without children. With her permission, I […]

The Childless and Childfree in History: An Interview with Historian Rachel Chrastil

I recently found historian Rachel Chrastil’s site, Childless, Childfree: News, Research & the Arts. On this site, she “reports on childlessness in the news, research about childlessness, and portrayals of childlessness in the arts–past, present, and future.” I was curious to know more about her and her research on the childless and childfree in history.

Where Are We, After 40+ Years of Talking About the Childfree Choice?

As 2015 came to a close, it marked another year of talking about the childfree choice  Let’s take stock. In the big picture, we’ve seen an ascent of talk about this choice in the public sphere since the 70s. That’s over four decades. Where are we after 40+ years of talking about the childfree choice? […]

Finding Connection, Commonality & Community at the First Not Mom Summit

This month I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the first Not Mom Summit. Over 100 women without children by choice, chance and circumstance gathered for keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and socializing. Of the many wonderful things that happened during this conference, I was struck by three things in particular: